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DocumentPage Class Methods


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Public Methods

Name Description
GetAnnotations Gets the annotations container of this page.
GetImage Gets this page as a raster image at the specified resolution.
GetLinks Links of this page.
GetSvg Gets this page as an SVG document with the specified options.
GetSvgBackImage Gets a raster image that represents contains only the image elements of the SVG document for this page.
GetText Gets the text content of an area in this page.
GetThumbnailImage Gets a thumbnail representation of this page.
ReadBarcodes Read the barcodes found on this page.
SetAnnotations Replaces the annotations container for this page.
SetImage Replaces the raster image for this page.
SetLinks Replaces the links of this page.
SetSvg Replaces the SVG document for this page.
SetSvgBackImage Replaces the SVG background image for this page.
SetText Replaces the text content for this page.
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