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Progress Event


Event that occurs one or more times while the factory is loading the document to indicate the current progress.


public event EventHandler<LoadAsyncProgressEventArgs> Progress 
Public Event Progress As EventHandler(Of Leadtools.Documents.LoadAsyncProgressEventArgs) 
   event EventHandler<Leadtools::Documents::LoadAsyncProgressEventArgs^>^ Progress 


Progress will occur one or more times while the document is being loaded and it can be used to show a progress bar indicator for the user (and optionally, support for aborting the load). Progress uses the LoadAsyncProgressEventArgs event data class that is populated with the following for each "chunk":

Member Value
System.ComponentModel.ProgressChangedEventArgs.ProgressPercentage Current progress percentage. This value goes from 0 to 100..
System.ComponentModel.ProgressChangedEventArgs.UserState The same value originally set by the user in LoadDocumentAsyncOptions.UserState.
Uri The location of the document being loaded. This is the uri value passed to LoadFromUriAsync
BytesReceived Number of bytes received during this chunk of the operation.
TotalBytesToReceive Total number of bytes received so far for the whole load operation.
IsCancelPending Can be used to abort the load operation.

For an example, refer to DocumentFactory.LoadFromUriAsync.

Event Data
senderobjectThe source of the event.
eLoadAsyncProgressEventArgsThe event data.

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