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Leadtools.Dicom.Networking Namespace

Inheritance Hierarchy


Overview and description of Leadtools Dicom Networking classes, enumerations, and interfaces.

Class Description
DicomNet Provides the main functionality for dealing with DICOM Network connections. It includes methods and properties for creating and establishing DICOM Network connections and passing messages across established connections.
Interface Description
IDicomEvents Allows an inheriting class to respond to DICOM networking events.
Enumeration Description
DicomAbortReasonType Specifies the reason for the Association aborting.
DicomAbortSourceType Specifies the source of the Association aborting.
DicomAssociateRejectReasonType Specifies the reason for the Association rejection.
DicomAssociateRejectResultType Specifies the type of the Association rejection.
DicomAssociateRejectSourceType Specifies the source of the Association rejection.
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