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SetSampleInterpretation Method


Sets the waveform sample interpretation.


WinRT C#
public bool SetSampleInterpretation( 
   DicomWaveformSampleInterpretationType interpretation 
Public Function SetSampleInterpretation( _ 
   ByVal interpretation As Leadtools.Dicom.DicomWaveformSampleInterpretationType _ 
) As Boolean 
 function Leadtools.Dicom.DicomWaveformGroup.SetSampleInterpretation(  


The new waveform sample interpretation

Return Value

true if the waveform sample interpretation was set successfully, false if an error occurred.

  • In DICOM all channels within a multiplex group are synchronously digitized at a common sampling frequency and have the same sample interpretation. Use this method to set the waveform sample interpretation, which applies to all channels in the waveform group.
  • For more information about sample interpretation refer to the "Waveform Sample Interpretation" (5400,1006) element in the DICOM standard.
  • The default value for sample interpretation is DicomWaveformSampleInterpretationType.Signed16BitLinear.
  • Make sure to call this method before you call any method that are used to set the data for a channel that is included in the waveform group. Such methods include SetChannelSamples8, SetChannelSamples16 and SetChannelSamples32
  • If you call this method after setting the data for one or more channels that are included in this group, then the method will convert the data for each of the channels to match the new sample interpretation.

For an example, refer to WaveformGroupCount.


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