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DicomUidType Class Members


The following tables list the members exposed by DicomUidType.

Public Constructors

Name Description
DicomUidType Initializes a new instance of the DicomUidType class.

Public Fields

Name Description
AbstractMultiDimensionalImageModel Abstract Multi-Dimensional Image Model
AmbulatoryECGWaveformStorage Ambulatory ECG Waveform Storage
ApplicationContextName DICOM Application Context Name
ArterialPulseWaveformStorage Arterial Pulse Waveform Storage
AudioSRStorageTrialRetired Audio SR Storage - Trial (Retired)
AutorefractionMeasurementsStorage Autorefraction Measurements Storage
BasicAnnotationBoxClass Basic Annotation Box SOP Class
BasicColorImageBoxClass Basic Color Image Box SOP Class
BasicColorPrintMetaClass Basic Color Print Management Meta SOP Class
BasicFilmBoxClass Basic Film Box SOP Class
BasicFilmSessionClass Basic Film Session SOP Class
BasicGrayscaleImageBoxClass Basic Grayscale Image Box SOP Class
BasicGrayscalePrintMetaClass Basic Grayscale Print Management Meta SOP Class
BasicPrintImageOverlayBoxClass Basic Print Image Overlay Box SOP Class (Retired)
BasicStructuredDisplayStorage Basic Structured Display Storage
BasicStudyNotificationClass Basic Study Content Notification SOP Class (Retired)
BasicTextSR Basic Text SR Storage
BasicVoiceAudioWaveformStorage Basic Voice Audio Waveform Storage
BlendingSoftcopyPresentationStateStorage Blending Softcopy Presentation State Storage
BreastImagingRelevantPatientInformationQuery Breast Imaging Relevant Patient Information Query
BreastProjectionXRayImageStoragePresentation Breast Projection X-Ray Image Storage - Presentation
BreastProjectionXRayImageStorageProcessing Breast Projection X-Ray Image Storage - Processing
BreastTomosynthesisImageStorage Breast Tomosynthesis Image Storage
CardiacElectrophysiologyWaveformStorage Cardiac Electrophysiology Waveform Storage
CardiacRelevantPatientInformationQuery Cardiac Relevant Patient Information Query
ChestCadSR Chest CAD SR Storage
ColonCadSRStorage Colon CAD SR Storage
ColorPaletteInformationModelFind Color Palette Information Model - FIND
ColorPaletteInformationModelGet Color Palette Information Model - GET
ColorPaletteInformationModelMove Color Palette Information Model - MOVE
ColorPaletteStorage Color Palette Storage
ColorSoftcopyPresentationStateStorage Color Softcopy Presentation State Storage
CompositeInstanceRetrieveWithoutBulkDataGet Composite Instance Retrieve Without Bulk Data - GET
CompositeInstanceRootRetrieveGet Composite Instance Root Retrieve - GET
CompositeInstanceRootRetrieveMove Composite Instance Root Retrieve - MOVE
Comprehensive3dSRStorage Comprehensive 3D SR Storage
ComprehensiveSR Comprehensive SR Storage
ComprehensiveSRStorageTrialRetired Comprehensive SR Storage - Trial (Retired)
CornealTopographyMapStorage Corneal Topography Map Storage
CRImageStorage Computed Radiography Image Storage
CTImageStorage CT Image Storage
DeflatedExplicitVRLittleEndian Deflated Explicit VR Little Endian
DeformableSpatialRegistrationStorage Deformable Spatial Registration Storage
DetachedInterpretationClass Detached Interpretation Management SOP Class (Retired)
DetachedPatientClass Detached Patient Management SOP Class (Retired)
DetachedPatientMetaClass Detached Patient Management Meta SOP Class (Retired)
DetachedResultsClass Detached Results Management SOP Class (Retired)
DetachedResultsMetaClass Detached Results Management Meta SOP Class (Retired)
DetachedStudyClass Detached Study Management SOP Class (Retired)
DetachedStudyMetaClass Detached Study Management Meta SOP Class (Retired)
DetachedVisitClass Detached Visit Management SOP Class (Retired)
DetailSRStorageTrialRetired Detail SR Storage - Trial (Retired)
Dicom dicomSOPClass
DicomAeTitle dicomAETitle
DicomApplicationCluster dicomApplicationCluster
DicomAssociationAcceptor dicomAssociationAcceptor
DicomAssociationInitiator dicomAssociationInitiator
DicomAuthorizedNodeCertificateReference dicomAuthorizedNodeCertificateReference
DicomConfigurationRoot dicomConfigurationRoot
DicomContentMappingResource DICOM Content Mapping Resource
DICOMControlledTerminology DICOM Controlled Terminology
DicomDescription dicomDescription
DicomDevice dicomDevice
DicomDeviceName dicomDeviceName
DicomDeviceSerialNumber dicomDeviceSerialNumber
DicomDevicesRoot dicomDevicesRoot
DicomHostname dicomHostname
DicomInstalled dicomInstalled
DicomInstitutionAddress dicomInstitutionAddress
DicomInstitutionDepartmentName dicomInstitutionDepartmentName
DicomInstitutionName dicomInstitutionName
DicomIssuerOfPatientId dicomIssuerOfPatientID
DicomManufacturer dicomManufacturer
DicomManufacturerModelName dicomManufacturerModelName
DicomNetworkAe dicomNetworkAE
DicomNetworkConnection dicomNetworkConnection
DicomNetworkConnectionReference dicomNetworkConnectionReference
DicomPort dicomPort
DicomPreferredCalledAeTitle dicomPreferredCalledAETitle
DicomPreferredCallingAeTitle dicomPreferredCallingAETitle
DicomPrimaryDeviceType dicomPrimaryDeviceType
DicomRegistry DICOM UID Registry
DicomRelatedDeviceReference dicomRelatedDeviceReference
DicomSoftwareVersion dicomSoftwareVersion
DicomStationName dicomStationName
DicomSupportedCharacterSet dicomSupportedCharacterSet
DicomThisNodeCertificateReference dicomThisNodeCertificateReference
DicomTlsCyphersuite dicomTLSCyphersuite
DicomTransferCapability dicomTransferCapability
DicomTransferRole dicomTransferRole
DicomTransferSyntax dicomTransferSyntax
DicomUniqueAeTitle dicomUniqueAETitle
DicomUniqueAeTitlesRegistryRoot dicomUniqueAETitlesRegistryRoot
DicomVendorData dicomVendorData
Dicos2dAitStorage DICOS 2D AIT Storage
Dicos3dAitStorage DICOS 3D AIT Storage
DicosCTImageStorage DICOS CT Image Storage
DicosDigitalXRayImageStorageForPresentation DICOS Digital X-Ray Image Storage - For Presentation
DicosDigitalXRayImageStorageForProcessing DICOS Digital X-Ray Image Storage - For Processing
DicosQuadrupoleResonanceQrStorage DICOS Quadrupole Resonance (QR) Storage
DicosThreatDetectionReportStorage DICOS Threat Detection Report Storage
DisplaySystem Display System SOP Class
DisplaySystemSopInstance Display System SOP Instance
DXImageStoragePresentation Digital X-Ray Image Storage - For Presentation
DXImageStorageProcessing Digital X-Ray Image Storage - For Processing
DXIntraoralImageStoragePresentation Digital Intra-Oral X-Ray Image Storage - For Presentation
DXIntraoralImageStorageProcessing Digital Intra-Oral X-Ray Image Storage - For Processing
DXMammographyImageStoragePresentation Digital Mammography X-Ray Image Storage - For Presentation
DXMammographyImageStorageProcessing Digital Mammography X-Ray Image Storage - For Processing
EddyCurrentImageStorage Eddy Current Image Storage
EddyCurrentMultiFrameImageStorage Eddy Current Multi-frame Image Storage
EncapsulatedCdaStorage Encapsulated CDA Storage
EncapsulatedPdfStorage Encapsulated PDF Storage
EnhancedCTImageStorage Enhanced CT Image Storage
EnhancedMRColorImageStorage Enhanced MR Color Image Storage
EnhancedMRImageStorage Enhanced MR Image Storage
EnhancedPETImageStorage Enhanced PET Image Storage
EnhancedSR Enhanced SR Storage
EnhancedUSVolumeStorage Enhanced US Volume Storage
EnhancedXAImageStorage Enhanced XA Image Storage
EnhancedXrfImageStorage Enhanced XRF Image Storage
ExplicitVRBigEndian Explicit VR Big Endian (Retired)
ExplicitVRLittleEndian Explicit VR Little Endian
ExtensibleSRStorage Extensible SR Storage
GeArmMigration GE Private ARM Migration
GeArmMigrationInstance GE Private ARM Migration Instance
GeCTImage GE Private Dicom Computed Tomography Image Information Object
GeDisplayImagermation GE Private Dicom Display Imagermation Info Object
GeMRImage GE Private Dicom Magnetic Resonance Image Information Object
GeneralAudioWaveformStorage General Audio Waveform Storage
GeneralECGWaveformStorage General ECG Waveform Storage
GeneralPurposePerformedProcedureStepSopClass General Purpose Performed Procedure Step SOP Class (Retired)
GeneralPurposeScheduledProcedureStepSopClass General Purpose Scheduled Procedure Step SOP Class (Retired)
GeneralPurposeWorklistFind General Purpose Worklist Information Model - FIND (Retired)
GeneralPurposeWorklistManagementMetaSopClass General Purpose Worklist Management Meta SOP Class (Retired)
GeneralRelevantPatientInformationQuery General Relevant Patient Information Query
GenericImplantTemplateInformationModelFind Generic Implant Template Information Model - FIND
GenericImplantTemplateInformationModelGet Generic Implant Template Information Model - GET
GenericImplantTemplateInformationModelMove Generic Implant Template Information Model - MOVE
GenericImplantTemplateStorage Generic Implant Template Storage
GrayscaleSoftcopyPresentationStateStorage Grayscale Softcopy Presentation State Storage
HangingProtocolInformationModelFind Hanging Protocol Information Model - FIND
HangingProtocolInformationModelGet Hanging Protocol Information Model - GET
HangingProtocolInformationModelMove Hanging Protocol Information Model - MOVE
HangingProtocolStorage Hanging Protocol Storage
HardcopyColorImageStorageClass Hardcopy Color Image Storage (Retired)
HardcopyGrayscaleImageStorageClass Hardcopy Grayscale Image Storage (Retired)
HemodynamicWaveformStorage Hemodynamic Waveform Storage
HotIronColorPaletteSopInstance Hot Iron Color Palette SOP Instance
HotMetalBlueColorPaletteSopInstance Hot Metal Blue Color Palette SOP Instance
Icbm452T1FrameOfReference ICBM 452 T1 Frame of Reference
IcbmSingleSubjectMriFrameOfReference ICBM Single Subject MRI Frame of Reference
ImageOverlayBoxClassRetired Image Overlay Box SOP Class (Retired)
ImplantAssemblyTemplateInformationModelFind Implant Assembly Template Information Model - FIND
ImplantAssemblyTemplateInformationModelGet Implant Assembly Template Information Model - GET
ImplantAssemblyTemplateInformationModelMove Implant Assembly Template Information Model - MOVE
ImplantAssemblyTemplateStorage Implant Assembly Template Storage
ImplantationPlanSRDocumentStorage Implantation Plan SR Storage
ImplantTemplateGroupInformationModelFind Implant Template Group Information Model - FIND
ImplantTemplateGroupInformationModelGet Implant Template Group Information Model - GET
ImplantTemplateGroupInformationModelMove Implant Template Group Information Model - MOVE
ImplantTemplateGroupStorage Implant Template Group Storage
ImplicitVRLittleEndian Implicit VR Little Endian: Default Transfer Syntax for DICOM
InstanceAvailabilityNotification Instance Availability Notification SOP Class
IntraocularLensCalculationsStorage Intraocular Lens Calculations Storage
IntravascularOctImageStoragePresentation Intravascular OCT Image Storage - Presentation
IntravascularOctImageStorageProcessing Intravascular OCT Image Storage - Processing
JPEG2000 JPEG 2000 Image Compression
JPEG2000LosslessOnly JPEG 2000 Image Compression (Lossless Only)
JPEG2000Part2MultiComponentImageCompression JPEG 2000 Part 2 Multi-component Image Compression
JPEG2000Part2MultiComponentImageCompressionLosslessOnly JPEG 2000 Part 2 Multi-component Image Compression (Lossless Only)
JPEGBaseline1 JPEG Baseline (Process 1): Default Transfer Syntax for Lossy JPEG 8 Bit Image Compression
JPEGExtended2_4 JPEG Extended (Process 2 and 4): Default Transfer Syntax for Lossy JPEG 12 Bit Image Compression (Process 4 only)
JPEGExtended3_5 JPEG Extended (Process 3 and 5) (Retired)
JPEGExtendedHier16_18 JPEG Extended, Hierarchical (Process 16 and 18) (Retired)
JPEGExtendedHier17_19 JPEG Extended, Hierarchical (Process 17 and 19) (Retired)
JPEGFullHier24_26 JPEG Full Progression, Hierarchical (Process 24 and 26) (Retired)
JPEGFullHier25_27 JPEG Full Progression, Hierarchical (Process 25 and 27) (Retired)
JPEGFullNonhier10_12 JPEG Full Progression, Non-Hierarchical (Process 10 and 12) (Retired)
JPEGFullNonhier11_13 JPEG Full Progression, Non-Hierarchical (Process 11 and 13) (Retired)
JPEGLosslessHierProcess28 JPEG Lossless, Hierarchical (Process 28) (Retired)
JPEGLosslessHierProcess29 JPEG Lossless, Hierarchical (Process 29) (Retired)
JPEGLosslessNonhier14 JPEG Lossless, Non-Hierarchical (Process 14)
JPEGLosslessNonhier14B JPEG Lossless, Non-Hierarchical, First-Order Prediction (Process 14 [Selection Value 1]): Default Transfer Syntax for Lossless JPEG Image Compression
JPEGLosslessNonhier15 JPEG Lossless, Non-Hierarchical (Process 15) (Retired)
JPEGLSLossless JPEG-LS Lossless Image Compression
JPEGLSLossy JPEG-LS Lossy (Near-Lossless) Image Compression
JPEGSpectralHier20_22 JPEG Spectral Selection, Hierarchical (Process 20 and 22) (Retired)
JPEGSpectralHier21_23 JPEG Spectral Selection, Hierarchical (Process 21 and 23) (Retired)
JPEGSpectralNonhier6_8 JPEG Spectral Selection, Non-Hierarchical (Process 6 and 8) (Retired)
JPEGSpectralNonhier7_9 JPEG Spectral Selection, Non-Hierarchical (Process 7 and 9) (Retired)
JpipReferenced JPIP Referenced
JpipReferencedDeflate JPIP Referenced Deflate
KeratometryMeasurementsStorage Keratometry Measurements Storage
KeyObjectSelectionDocument Key Object Selection Document Storage
LegacyConvertedEnhancedCTImageStorage Legacy Converted Enhanced CT Image Storage
LegacyConvertedEnhancedMRImageStorage Legacy Converted Enhanced MR Image Storage
LegacyConvertedEnhancedPETImageStorage Legacy Converted Enhanced PET Image Storage
LensometryMeasurementsStorage Lensometry Measurements Storage
MacularGridThicknessAndVolumeReportStorage Macular Grid Thickness and Volume Report Storage
MammographyCadSR Mammography CAD SR Storage
MediaCreationManagement Media Creation Management SOP Class UID
MediaStorageDirectory Media Storage Directory Storage
ModalityPerformedClass Modality Performed Procedure Step SOP Class
ModalityPerformedNotificationClass Modality Performed Procedure Step Notification SOP Class
ModalityPerformedRetrieveClass Modality Performed Procedure Step Retrieve SOP Class
ModalityWorklistFind Modality Worklist Information Model - FIND
MPEG2MainProfileHighLevel MPEG2 Main Profile @ High Level
MPEG2MainProfileMainLevel MPEG2 Main Profile @ Main Level
Mpeg4AvcH264BdCompatibleHighProfileLevel_4_1 MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 BD-compatible High Profile / Level 4.1
Mpeg4AvcH264HighProfileLevel4_1 MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 High Profile / Level 4.1
Mpeg4AvcH264HighProfileLevel42_for_2d_video MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 High Profile / Level 4.2 For 2D Video
Mpeg4AvcH264HighProfileLevel42_for_3d_video MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 High Profile / Level 4.2 For 3D Video
Mpeg4AvcH264StereoHighProfileLevel4_2 MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 Stereo High Profile / Level 4.2
MRImageStorage MR Image Storage
MRSpectroscopyStorage MR Spectroscopy Storage
NativeDicomModel Native DICOM Model
NMImageStorage Nuclear Medicine Image Storage
NMImageStorageRetired Nuclear Medicine Image Storage (Retired)
Ophthalmic16BitPhotographyImageStorage Ophthalmic Photography 16 Bit Image Storage
Ophthalmic8BitPhotographyImageStorage Ophthalmic Photography 8 Bit Image Storage
OphthalmicAxialMeasurementsStorage Ophthalmic Axial Measurements Storage
OphthalmicThicknessMapStorage Ophthalmic Thickness Map Storage
OphthalmicTomographyImageStorage Ophthalmic Tomography Image Storage
OphthalmicVisualFieldStaticPerimetryMeasurementsStorage Ophthalmic Visual Field Static Perimetry Measurements Storage
Papyrus3ImplicitVRLittleEndian Papyrus 3 Implicit VR Little Endian
ParametricMapStorage Parametric Map Storage
PatientRootQueryFind Patient Root Query/Retrieve Information Model - FIND
PatientRootQueryGet Patient Root Query/Retrieve Information Model - GET
PatientRootQueryMove Patient Root Query/Retrieve Information Model - MOVE
PatientStudyQueryFind Patient/Study Only Query/Retrieve Information Model - FIND (Retired)
PatientStudyQueryGet Patient/Study Only Query/Retrieve Information Model - GET (Retired)
PatientStudyQueryMove Patient/Study Only Query/Retrieve Information Model - MOVE (Retired)
PET20StepColorPaletteSopInstance PET 20 Step Color Palette SOP Instance
PETColorPaletteSopInstance PET Color Palette SOP Instance
PETImageStorage Positron Emission Tomography Image Storage
PresentationLutClass Presentation LUT SOP Class
PrinterClass Printer SOP Class
PrinterConfigurationRetrievalClass Printer Configuration Retrieval SOP Class
PrinterConfigurationRetrievalInstance Printer Configuration Retrieval SOP Instance
PrinterInstance Printer SOP Instance
PrintJobClass Print Job SOP Class
PrintQueueClass Print Queue Management SOP Class (Retired)
PrintQueueInstance Print Queue SOP Instance (Retired)
ProceduralEventLogging Procedural Event Logging SOP Class
ProceduralEventLoggingSopInstance Procedural Event Logging SOP Instance
ProcedureLogStorage Procedure Log Storage
ProductCharacteristicsQuery Product Characteristics Query SOP Class
PseudoColorSoftcopyPresentationStateStorage Pseudo-Color Softcopy Presentation State Storage
PullPrintRequestClass Pull Print Request SOP Class (Retired)
PullStoredPrintMetaClass Pull Stored Print Management Meta SOP Class (Retired)
RadiopharmaceuticalRadiationDoseSRStorage Radiopharmaceutical Radiation Dose SR Storage
RawDataStorage Raw Data Storage
RealWorldValueMappingStorage Real World Value Mapping Storage
ReferencedColorPrintMetaClassRetired Referenced Color Print Management Meta SOP Class (Retired)
ReferencedGrayscalePrintMetaClassRetired Referenced Grayscale Print Management Meta SOP Class (Retired)
ReferencedImageBoxClassRetired Referenced Image Box SOP Class (Retired)
RespiratoryWaveformStorage Respiratory Waveform Storage
Rfc2557MimeEncapsulation RFC 2557 MIME encapsulation
RLELossless RLE Lossless
RTBeamsDeliveryInstructionStorage RT Beams Delivery Instruction Storage
RTBeamsDeliveryInstructionStorageTrialRetired RT Beams Delivery Instruction Storage - Trial (Retired)
RTBeamsTreatmentRecordStorageClass RT Beams Treatment Record Storage
RTBrachyTreatmentRecordStorageClass RT Brachy Treatment Record Storage
RTConventionalMachineVerification RT Conventional Machine Verification
RTConventionalMachineVerificationTrialRetired RT Conventional Machine Verification - Trial (Retired)
RTDoseStorage RT Dose Storage
RTImageStorage RT Image Storage
RTIonBeamsTreatmentRecordStorage RT Ion Beams Treatment Record Storage
RTIonMachineVerification RT Ion Machine Verification
RTIonMachineVerificationTrialRetired RT Ion Machine Verification - Trial (Retired)
RTIonPlanStorage RT Ion Plan Storage
RTPlanStorage RT Plan Storage
RTStructureStorage RT Structure Set Storage
RTTreatmentSummaryRecordStorageClass RT Treatment Summary Record Storage
SCImageStorage Secondary Capture Image Storage
SCMultiFrameGrayscaleByteImageStorage Multi-frame Grayscale Byte Secondary Capture Image Storage
SCMultiFrameGrayscaleWordImageStorage Multi-frame Grayscale Word Secondary Capture Image Storage
SCMultiFrameSingleBitImageStorage Multi-frame Single Bit Secondary Capture Image Storage
SCMultiFrameTrueColorImageStorage Multi-frame True Color Secondary Capture Image Storage
SegmentationStorage Segmentation Storage
SpatialFiducialsStorage Spatial Fiducials Storage
SpatialRegistrationStorage Spatial Registration Storage
SpectaclePrescriptionReportStorage Spectacle Prescription Report Storage
Spm2Avg152pdFrameOfReference SPM2 AVG152PD Frame of Reference
Spm2Avg152t1FrameOfReference SPM2 AVG152T1 Frame of Reference
Spm2Avg152t2FrameOfReference SPM2 AVG152T2 Frame of Reference
Spm2Avg305t1FrameOfReference SPM2 AVG305T1 Frame of Reference
Spm2BrainmaskFrameOfReference SPM2 BRAINMASK Frame of Reference
Spm2CsfFrameOfReference SPM2 CSF Frame of Reference
Spm2EpiFrameOfReference SPM2 EPI Frame of Reference
Spm2FilT1FrameOfReference SPM2 FIL T1 Frame of Reference
Spm2GrayFrameOfReference SPM2 GRAY Frame of Reference
Spm2PdFrameOfReference SPM2 PD Frame of Reference
Spm2PETFrameOfReference SPM2 PET Frame of Reference
Spm2Singlesubjt1FrameOfReference SPM2 SINGLESUBJT1 Frame of Reference
Spm2SpectFrameOfReference SPM2 SPECT Frame of Reference
Spm2T1FrameOfReference SPM2 T1 Frame of Reference
Spm2T2FrameOfReference SPM2 T2 Frame of Reference
Spm2TransmFrameOfReference SPM2 TRANSM Frame of Reference
Spm2WhiteFrameOfReference SPM2 WHITE Frame of Reference
StandaloneCurveStorage Standalone Curve Storage (Retired)
StandaloneModalityLutStorage Standalone Modality LUT Storage (Retired)
StandaloneOverlayStorage Standalone Overlay Storage (Retired)
StandalonePETCurveStorage Standalone PET Curve Storage (Retired)
StandaloneVoiLutStorage Standalone VOI LUT Storage (Retired)
StereometricRelationshipStorage Stereometric Relationship Storage
StorageCommitmentPullModelClass Storage Commitment Pull Model SOP Class (Retired)
StorageCommitmentPullModelInstance Storage Commitment Pull Model SOP Instance (Retired)
StorageCommitmentPushModelClass Storage Commitment Push Model SOP Class
StorageCommitmentPushModelInstance Storage Commitment Push Model SOP Instance
StorageServiceClass Storage Service Class
StoredPrintStorageClass Stored Print Storage (Retired)
StudyComponentClass Study Component Management SOP Class (Retired)
StudyRootQueryFind Study Root Query/Retrieve Information Model - FIND
StudyRootQueryGet Study Root Query/Retrieve Information Model - GET
StudyRootQueryMove Study Root Query/Retrieve Information Model - MOVE
SubjectiveRefractionMeasurementsStorage Subjective Refraction Measurements Storage
SubstanceAdministrationLogging Substance Administration Logging SOP Class
SubstanceAdministrationLoggingSopInstance Substance Administration Logging SOP Instance
SubstanceApprovalQuery Substance Approval Query SOP Class
SurfaceScanMeshStorage Surface Scan Mesh Storage
SurfaceScanPointCloudStorage Surface Scan Point Cloud Storage
SurfaceSegmentationStorage Surface Segmentation Storage
TalairachBrainAtlasFrameOfReference Talairach Brain Atlas Frame of Reference
TextSRStorageTrialRetired Text SR Storage - Trial (Retired)
TwelveLeadECGWaveformStorage 12-lead ECG Waveform Storage
TwleveLeadECGWaveformStorage 12-lead ECG Waveform Storage
UnifiedProcedureStepEvent Unified Procedure Step - Event SOP Class
UnifiedProcedureStepEventTrialRetired Unified Procedure Step - Event SOP Class - Trial (Retired)
UnifiedProcedureStepPull Unified Procedure Step - Pull SOP Class
UnifiedProcedureStepPullTrialRetired Unified Procedure Step - Pull SOP Class - Trial (Retired)
UnifiedProcedureStepPush Unified Procedure Step - Push SOP Class
UnifiedProcedureStepPushTrialRetired Unified Procedure Step - Push SOP Class - Trial (Retired)
UnifiedProcedureStepWatch Unified Procedure Step - Watch SOP Class
UnifiedProcedureStepWatchTrialRetired Unified Procedure Step - Watch SOP Class - Trial (Retired)
UnifiedWorklistAndProcedureStepServiceClass Unified Worklist and Procedure Step Service Class
UnifiedWorklistAndProcedureStepServiceClassTrialRetired Unified Worklist and Procedure Step Service Class - Trial (Retired)
UnifiedWorklistAndProcedureStepSopInstance UPS Global Subscription SOP Instance
UniversalCoordinatedTime Universal Coordinated Time
UpsFilteredGlobalSubscriptionSopInstance UPS Filtered Global Subscription SOP Instance
USImageStorage Ultrasound Image Storage
USImageStorageRetired Ultrasound Image Storage (Retired)
USMultiframeImageStorage Ultrasound Multi-frame Image Storage
USMultiframeImageStorageRetired Ultrasound Multi-frame Image Storage (Retired)
VerificationClass Verification SOP Class
VideoEndoscopicImageStorage Video Endoscopic Image Storage
VideoMicroscopicImageStorage Video Microscopic Image Storage
VideoPhotographicImageStorage Video Photographic Image Storage
VisualAcuityMeasurementsStorage Visual Acuity Measurements Storage
VLEndoscopicImageStorageClass VL Endoscopic Image Storage
VLImageStorageRetired VL Image Storage - Trial (Retired)
VLMicroscopicImageStorageClass VL Microscopic Image Storage
VLMultiframeImageStorageRetired VL Multi-frame Image Storage - Trial (Retired)
VLPhotographicImageStorageClass VL Photographic Image Storage
VLSlideCoordinatesMicroscopicImageStorageClass VL Slide-Coordinates Microscopic Image Storage
VLWholeSlideMicroscopyImageStorage VL Whole Slide Microscopy Image Storage
VoiLutBoxClassRetired VOI LUT Box SOP Class
WaveformStorage Waveform Storage - Trial (Retired)
WideFieldOphthalmicPhotography3dCoordinatesImageStorage Wide Field Ophthalmic Photography 3D Coordinates Image Storage
WideFieldOphthalmicPhotographyStereographicProjectionImageStorage Wide Field Ophthalmic Photography Stereographic Projection Image Storage
XABiplaneImageStorageRetired X-Ray Angiographic Bi-Plane Image Storage (Retired)
XAImageStorage X-Ray Angiographic Image Storage
XAXrfGrayscaleSoftcopyPresentationStateStorage XA/XRF Grayscale Softcopy Presentation State Storage
XmlEncoding XML Encoding
XRay3dAngiographicImageStorage X-Ray 3D Angiographic Image Storage
XRay3dCraniofacialImageStorage X-Ray 3D Craniofacial Image Storage
XRayRadiationDoseSRStorage X-Ray Radiation Dose SR Storage
XRayRadiofluoroscopicImageStorage X-Ray Radiofluoroscopic Image Storage
XrfImageStorage X-Ray Radiofluoroscopic Image Storage
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