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DicomCommandStatusType Enumeration


Represents the possible command status types.


WinRT C#
public enum DicomCommandStatusType 
Public Enum DicomCommandStatusType  
public enum DicomCommandStatusType    
Leadtools.Dicom.DicomCommandStatusType = function() { }; 
Leadtools.Dicom.DicomCommandStatusType.prototype = {<br/> 
  LeadtoolsMemberMarker(replace me) 
public enum class DicomCommandStatusType   


0Success Success.
261NoSuchAttribute No such attribute.
262InvalidAttributeValue Invalid attribute value.
263AttributeListError Attribute list error.
272ProcessingFailure Processing failure.
273DuplicateInstance Duplicate instance.
274NoSuchObjectInstance No such object instance.
275NoSuchEventType No such event type.
276NoSuchArgument No such argument.
277InvalidArgumentValue Invalid argument.
278AttributeOutOfRange Attribute value out of range.
279InvalidObjectInstance Invalid object instance.
280NoSuchClass No such class.
281ClaseInstanceConflict Class-instance conflict.
288MissingAttribute Missing attribute.
289MissingAttributeValue Missing attribute value.
290ClassNotSupported Class not supported.
305DuplicateTransactionUid Duplicate Transation Id.
528DuplicateInvocation Duplicate invocation.
529UnrecognizedOperation Unrecognized operation.
530MistypedArgument Mistyped argument.
531ResourceLimitation Resource limitation.
42752RefusedOutOfResources Out of Resources.
42753RefusedUnableToCalculateMatches Out of Resources: unable to calculate number of matches.
42754RefusedUnableToPerformSuboperations Out of Resources: unable to perform suboperations.
43009RefusedMoveDestinationUnknown Move destination unknown.
45056Warning Sub-operations complete: one or more failures.
49153Failure Failure.
49154Reserved2 Reserved.
49155Reserved3 Reserved.
49156Reserved4 Reserved.
65024Cancel Cancel.
65280Pending Matches are continuing: current match is supplied and any Optional Keys were supported in the same manner as Required Keys.
65281PendingWarning Matches are continuing: warning that one or more Optional Keys were not supported for existence and/or matching for this Identifier.

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