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DicomWaveformGroup Class Members


The following tables list the members exposed by DicomWaveformGroup.

Public Constructors

Name Description
DicomWaveformGroup Constructs a new DicomWaveformGroup object,and performs initializations

Public Methods

Name Description
AddChannel Adds a channel to the waveform group.
DeleteChannel Deletes a channel from the waveform group
GetChannel Gets a channel from the waveform group
GetMultiplexGroupLabel Gets the label for the multiplex group.
GetMultiplexGroupTimeOffset Gets the multiplex group time offset.
GetNumberOfSamplesPerChannel Gets the number of samples per channel.
GetSampleInterpretation Gets the waveform sample interpretation.
GetSamplingFrequency Gets the sampling frequency.
GetTriggerSamplePosition Gets the trigger sample position.
GetTriggerTimeOffset Gets the trigger time offset.
GetWaveformOriginality Gets the waveform originality.
GetWaveformPaddingValue Gets the waveform padding value.
LoadAudio Inserts an audio (wave) file into the waveform group.
Reset Frees any resources associated with the class and resets all its properties and methods.
SaveAudio Creates an audio (wave) file from the channels in the waveform group.
SetMultiplexGroupLabel Sets the label for the multiplex group.
SetMultiplexGroupTimeOffset Sets the multiplex group time offset.
SetNumberOfSamplesPerChannel Sets the number of samples per channel.
SetSampleInterpretation Sets the waveform sample interpretation.
SetSamplingFrequency Sets the sampling frequency.
SetTriggerSamplePosition Sets the trigger sample position.
SetTriggerTimeOffset Sets the trigger time offset.
SetWaveformOriginality Sets the waveform originality.
SetWaveformPaddingValue Sets the waveform padding value.

Protected Methods

Name Description
Dispose Releases the unmanaged resources used by the DicomWaveformGroup class and optionally releases the managed resources.
Finalize This member overrides Finalize.

Public Properties

Name Description
ChannelCount Gets the number of channels for this multiplex group
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