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DicomWaveformChannel Class Methods


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Public Methods

Name Description
AddAnnotation Adds a new waveform annotation to the channel.
DeleteAnnotation Deletes a waveform annotation from the channel.
GetAnnotation Gets the channel annotation.
GetAnnotationCount Gets the number of annotations associated with this channel.
GetChannelLabel Gets the channel label.
GetChannelMaximumValue Gets the channel maximum value.
GetChannelMinimumValue Gets the channel minimum value.
GetChannelOffset Gets the channel offset.
GetChannelSamples Gets the samples (data) for a waveform channel
GetChannelSamplesCount Gets the number of samples for the channel.
GetChannelSampleSkew Gets the channel sample skew.
GetChannelSamplesPtr Gets the samples (data) for a waveform channel
GetChannelSensitivity Gets the channel sensitivity.
GetChannelSource Gets the channel source.
GetChannelStatus Gets the channel status.
GetChannelTimeSkew Gets the channel time skew.
GetFilterHighFrequency Gets the filter high frequency.
GetFilterLowFrequency Gets the filter low frequency.
GetNotchFilterBandwidth Gets the notch filter bandwidth.
GetNotchFilterFrequency Gets the notch filter frequency.
GetWaveformChannelNumber Gets the waveform channel number.
SetChannelLabel Sets the channel label.
SetChannelMaximumValue Sets the channel maximum value.
SetChannelMinimumValue Sets the channel minimum value.
SetChannelOffset Sets the channel offset.
SetChannelSamples16 Sets 16-bit data for a channel.
SetChannelSamples32 Sets 32-bit data for a channel.
SetChannelSamples8 Sets 8-bit data for a channel.
SetChannelSampleSkew Sets the channel sample skew.
SetChannelSensitivity Sets the channel sensitivity.
SetChannelSource Sets the channel source.
SetChannelStatus Sets the channel status
SetChannelTimeSkew Sets the channel time skew.
SetFilterHighFrequency Sets the filter high frequency.
SetFilterLowFrequency Sets the filter low frequency.
SetNotchFilterBandwidth Sets the notch filter bandwidth for the channel.
SetNotchFilterFrequency Sets the notch filter frequency for the channel.
SetWaveformChannelNumber Sets the channel number.

Protected Methods

Name Description
Dispose Releases the unmanaged resources used by the DicomWaveformChannel class and optionally releases the managed resources.
Finalize This member overrides Finalize.
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