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DicomContextIdentifierType Enumeration


Represents an internal LEADTOOLS table of the Context Groups defined by the DICOM Content Mapping Resource (DCMR).


WinRT C#
public enum DicomContextIdentifierType   
Public Enum DicomContextIdentifierType  
public enum DicomContextIdentifierType    
Leadtools.Dicom.DicomContextIdentifierType = function() { }; 
Leadtools.Dicom.DicomContextIdentifierType.prototype = {<br/> 
  LeadtoolsMemberMarker(replace me) 
public enum class DicomContextIdentifierType   


-1UserDefined User Defined
0CID2 CID 2, Anatomic Modifier
1CID4 CID 4, Anatomic Region
2CID5 CID 5, Transducer Approach
3CID6 CID 6, Transducer Orientation
4CID7 CID 7, Ultrasound Beam Path
5CID8 CID 8, Angiographic Interventional Devices
6CID9 CID 9, Image Guided Therapeutic Procedures
7CID10 CID 10, Interventional Drug
8CID11 CID 11, Route of Administration
9CID12 CID 12, Radiographic Contrast Agent
10CID18 CID 18, Isotopes in Radiopharmaceuticals
11CID19 CID 19, Patient Orientation
12CID20 CID 20, Patient Orientation Modifier
13CID21 CID 21, Patient Gantry Relationship
14CID23 CID 23, Cranio-caudad Angulation
15CID25 CID 25, Radiopharmaceuticals
16CID26 CID 26, Nuclear Medicine Projections
17CID29 CID 29, Acquisition Modality
18CID30 CID 30, DICOM Devices
19CID42 CID 42, Numeric Value Qualifier
20CID82 CID 82, Units of Measurement
21CID244 CID 244, Laterality
22CID3000 CID 3000,
23CID3001 CID 3001, ECG Leads
24CID3003 CID 3003, Hemodynamic Waveform Sources
25CID3010 CID 3010, Cardiovascular Anatomic Locations
26CID3011 CID 3011, Electrophysiology Anatomic Locations
27CID3014 CID 3014, Coronary Artery Segments
28CID3015 CID 3015, Coronary Arteries
29CID3019 CID 3019, Cardiovascular Anatomic Location Modifiers
30CID3082 CID 3082, Cardiology Units of Measurement
31CID3090 CID 3090, Time Synchronization Channel Types
32CID3101 CID 3101, NM Procedural State Values
33CID3240 CID 3240, Electrophysiology Measurement Functions and Techniques
34CID3241 CID 3241, Hemodynamic Measurement Techniques
35CID3250 CID 3250, Catheterization Procedure Phase
36CID3254 CID 3254, Electrophysiology Procedure Phase
37CID3261 CID 3261, Stress Protocols
38CID3262 CID 3262, ECG Patient State Values
39CID3263 CID 3263, Electrode Placement Values
40CID3264 CID 3264, XYZ Electrode Placement Values
41CID3271 CID 3271, Hemodynamic Physiological Challenges
42CID3335 CID 3335, ECG Annotations
43CID3337 CID 3337, Hemodynamic Annotations
44CID3339 CID 3339, Electrophysiology Annotations
45CID4009 CID 4009, DX Anatomy Images
46CID4010 CID 4010, DX View
47CID4011 CID 4011, DX View Modifier
48CID4012 CID 4012, Projection Eponymous Name
49CID4013 CID 4013, Anatomic Region for Mammography
50CID4014 CID 4014, View for Mammography
51CID4015 CID 4015, View Modifier for Mammography
52CID4016 CID 4016, Anatomic Region for Intra-oral Radiography
53CID4017 CID 4017, Anatomic Region Modifier for Intra-oral Radiography
54CID4018 CID 4018, Primary Anatomic Structure for Intra-oral Radiography (Permanent Dentition - Designation of Teeth)
55CID4019 CID 4019, Primary Anatomic Structure for Intra-oral Radiography (Deciduous Dentition - Designation of Teeth)
56CID4020 CID 4020, PET Radionuclide
57CID4021 CID 4021, PET Radiopharmaceutical
58CID4030 CID 4030, MR Spectroscopy Metabolites
59CID4031 CID 4031, MR Proton Spectroscopy Metabolites
60CID4200 CID 4200, Ophthalmic Imaging Agent
61CID4201 CID 4201, Patient Eye Movement Command
62CID4202 CID 4202, Ophthalmic Photography Acquisition Device
63CID4203 CID 4203, Ophthalmic Photography Illumination
64CID4204 CID 4204, Ophthalmic Filter
65CID4205 CID 4205, Ophthalmic Lens
66CID4206 CID 4206, Ophthalmic Channel Description
67CID4207 CID 4207, Ophthalmic Image Position
68CID4208 CID 4208, Mydriatic Agent
69CID4209 CID 4209, Ophthalmic Anatomic Structure Imaged
70CID5000 CID 5000, Languages
71CID5001 CID 5001, Countries
72CID6000 CID 6000, Overall Breast Composition
73CID6001 CID 6001, Overall Breast Composition from BI-RADS®
74CID6002 CID 6002, Change Since Last Mammogram or Prior Surgery
75CID6003 CID 6003, Change Since Last Mammogram or Prior Surgery from BI-RADS®
76CID6004 CID 6004, Mammography Characteristics of Shape
77CID6005 CID 6005, Characteristics of Shape from BI-RADS®
78CID6006 CID 6006, Mammography Characteristics of Margin
79CID6007 CID 6007, Characteristics of Margin from BI-RADS®
80CID6008 CID 6008, Density Modifier
81CID6009 CID 6009, Density Modifier from BI-RADS®
82CID6010 CID 6010, Mammography Calcification Types
83CID6011 CID 6011, Calcification Types from BI-RADS®
84CID6012 CID 6012, Calcification Distribution Modifier
85CID6013 CID 6013, Calcification Distribution Modifier from BI-RADS®
86CID6014 CID 6014, Mammography Single Image Finding
87CID6015 CID 6015, Single Image Finding from BI-RADS®
88CID6016 CID 6016, Mammography Composite Feature
89CID6017 CID 6017, Composite Feature from BI-RADS®
90CID6018 CID 6018, Clockface Location or Region
91CID6019 CID 6019, Clockface Location or Region from BI-RADS®
92CID6020 CID 6020, Quadrant Location
93CID6021 CID 6021, Quadrant Location from BI-RADS®
94CID6022 CID 6022, Side
95CID6023 CID 6023, Side from BI-RADS®
96CID6024 CID 6024, Depth
97CID6025 CID 6025, Depth from BI-RADS®
98CID6026 CID 6026, Mammography Assessment
99CID6027 CID 6027, Assessment from BI-RADS®
100CID6028 CID 6028, Mammography Recommended Follow-up
101CID6029 CID 6029, Recommended Follow-up from BI-RADS®
102CID6030 CID 6030, Mammography Pathology Codes
103CID6031 CID 6031, Benign Pathology Codes from BI-RADS®
104CID6032 CID 6032, High Risk Lesions Pathology Codes from BI-RADS®
105CID6033 CID 6033, Malignant Pathology Codes from BI-RADS®
106CID6034 CID 6034, Intended Use of CAD Output
107CID6035 CID 6035, Composite Feature Relations
108CID6036 CID 6036, Scope of Feature
109CID6037 CID 6037, Mammography Quantitative Temporal Difference Type
110CID6038 CID 6038, Mammography Qualitative Temporal Difference Type
111CID6039 CID 6039, Nipple Characteristic
112CID6040 CID 6040, Non-Lesion Object Type
113CID6041 CID 6041, Mammography Image Quality Finding
114CID6042 CID 6042, Status of Results
115CID6043 CID 6043, Types of Mammography CAD Analysis
116CID6044 CID 6044, Types of Image Quality Assessment
117CID6045 CID 6045, Mammography Types of Quality Control Standard
118CID6046 CID 6046, Units of Follow-up Interval
119CID6047 CID 6047, CAD Processing and Findings Summary
120CID6100 CID 6100, Chest Component Categories
121CID6101 CID 6101, Chest Finding or Feature
122CID6102 CID 6102, Chest Finding or Feature Modifier
123CID6103 CID 6103, Abnormal Lines Finding or Feature
124CID6104 CID 6104, Abnormal Opacity Finding or Feature
125CID6105 CID 6105, Abnormal Lucency Finding or Feature
126CID6106 CID 6106, Abnormal Texture Finding or Feature
127CID6107 CID 6107, Width Descriptor
128CID6108 CID 6108, Chest Anatomic Structure Abnormal Distribution
129CID6109 CID 6109, Radiographic Anatomy Finding or Feature
130CID6110 CID 6110, Lung Anatomy Finding or Feature
131CID6111 CID 6111, Bronchovascular Anatomy Finding or Feature
132CID6112 CID 6112, Pleura Anatomy Finding or Feature
133CID6113 CID 6113, Mediastinum Anatomy Finding or Feature
134CID6114 CID 6114, Osseous Anatomy Finding or Feature
135CID6115 CID 6115, Osseous Anatomy Modifiers
136CID6116 CID 6116, Muscular Anatomy
137CID6117 CID 6117, Vascular Anatomy
138CID6118 CID 6118, Size Descriptor
139CID6119 CID 6119, Chest Border Shape
140CID6120 CID 6120, Chest Border Definition
141CID6121 CID 6121, Chest Orientation Descriptor
142CID6122 CID 6122, Chest Content Descriptor
143CID6123 CID 6123, Chest Opacity Descriptor
144CID6124 CID 6124, Location in Chest
145CID6125 CID 6125, General Chest Location
146CID6126 CID 6126, Location in Lung
147CID6127 CID 6127, Segment Location in Lung
148CID6128 CID 6128, Chest Distribution Descriptor
149CID6129 CID 6129, Chest Site Involvement
150CID6130 CID 6130, Severity Descriptor
151CID6131 CID 6131, Chest Texture Descriptor
152CID6132 CID 6132, Chest Calcification Descriptor
153CID6133 CID 6133, Chest Quantitative Temporal Difference Type
154CID6134 CID 6134, Chest Qualitative Temporal Difference Type
155CID6135 CID 6135, Chest Image Quality Finding
156CID6136 CID 6136, Chest Types of Quality Control Standard
157CID6137 CID 6137, Types of Chest CAD Analysis
158CID6138 CID 6138, Chest Non-Lesion Object Type
159CID6139 CID 6139, Non-Lesion Modifiers
160CID6140 CID 6140, Calculation Methods
161CID6141 CID 6141, Attenuation Coefficient Measurements
162CID6142 CID 6142, Calculated Value
163CID6143 CID 6143, Response Criteria
164CID6144 CID 6144, RECIST Response Criteria
165CID6145 CID 6145, Baseline Category
166CID7000 CID 7000, Diagnostic Imaging Report Document Titles
167CID7001 CID 7001, Diagnostic Imaging Report Headings
168CID7002 CID 7002, Diagnostic Imaging Report Elements
169CID7003 CID 7003, Diagnostic Imaging Report Purposes of Reference
170CID7004 CID 7004, Waveform Purposes of Reference
171CID7005 CID 7005, Contributing Equipment Purposes of Reference
172CID7010 CID 7010, Key Object Selection Document Title
173CID7011 CID 7011, Rejected for Quality Reasons
174CID7012 CID 7012, Best In Set
175CID7201 CID 7201, Referenced Image Purposes of Reference
176CID7202 CID 7202, Source Image Purposes of Reference
177CID7203 CID 7203, Image Derivation
178CID7210 CID 7210, Related Series Purposes Of Reference
179CID7452 CID 7452, Organizational Roles
180CID7453 CID 7453, Performing Roles
181CID7454 CID 7454, Species
182CID7455 CID 7455, Sex
183CID7456 CID 7456, Units of Measure for Age
184CID7460 CID 7460, Units of Linear Measurement
185CID7461 CID 7461, Units of Area Measurement
186CID7462 CID 7462, Units of Volume Measurement
187CID7470 CID 7470, Linear Measurements
188CID7471 CID 7471, Area Measurements
189CID7472 CID 7472, Volume Measurements
190CID9231 CID 9231, General Purpose Workitem Definition
191CID9232 CID 9232, Non-DICOM Output Types
192CID9300 CID 9300, Procedure Discontinuation Reasons
193CID12001 CID 12001, Ultrasound Protocol Types
194CID12002 CID 12002, Ultrasound Protocol Stage Types
195CID12140 CID 12140, Pelvic Vasculature Anatomical Location
196CID12141 CID 12141, Fetal Vasculature Anatomical Location

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