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Cleaning Up Color Images with LEADTOOLS Document Imaging

One of the most foundational features in document imaging is image cleanup (also called preprocessing). When paper documents are scanned to digital form there are almost always imperfections. The paper can be at an angle, hole punches leave large black … Continue reading

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New White Paper: Choosing the Right Barcode for Your Application

Our latest white paper contains a wealth of information on selecting the right barcode for your application. There are an abundance of barcode types and sub-types, so choosing correctly from the outset can have a profound impact on your application’s … Continue reading

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New White Paper: Improving Forms Recognition Results with Automated Alignment

Forms recognition is a common requirement for document imaging projects. Therefore it is no surprise that there are many companies and services that provide a solution for it. With that in mind, what sets LEADTOOLS apart? Forms alignment is one … Continue reading

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New Video Presenting OCR SDK Updates in Version 18

Our marketing department’s media team has produced a new video highlighting the new and improved features within the LEADTOOLS OCR Engine in Version 18, including Faster Recognition, Zonal and Full Page Recognition, Image Over Text PDF, Tables and Cells, Dithered … Continue reading

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Enhanced OCR Noise Removal Coming Soon

While making my rounds through the engineering department, the OCR team showed me some really impressive enhancements to the Advantage OCR engine coming soon. They’ve accomplished a lot, but my personal favorite is what they’ve done to the Advantage OCR … Continue reading

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