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Create a QR Code from OCR Results

We take great pride in the fact that LEADTOOLS is truly a comprehensive imaging SDK. We developed LEADTOOLS with the mindset that we want it to be a one-stop-shop for imaging. There are many applications, especially in the document imaging … Continue reading

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QR Code Logo Generator: Developer App Series

This post is part of our 2017 Developer App Series, which showcases apps created by our Support Agents over the course of eight weeks. These apps are intended to be larger, more thoughtful apps with highly practical purposes in mind, … Continue reading

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New White Paper: Choosing the Right Barcode for Your Application

Our latest white paper contains a wealth of information on selecting the right barcode for your application. There are an abundance of barcode types and sub-types, so choosing correctly from the outset can have a profound impact on your application’s … Continue reading

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New WinRT Barcode Engine

I heard some exciting news from engineering today in regards to our WinRT barcode engine. Just over a month has passed since we released the WinRT SDK, and our hardworking document imaging experts have already revamped the barcode recognition algorithm … Continue reading

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Reading Barcodes in the 21st Century

1D & 2D Barcodes There used to be a time when barcodes were used for one thing: checking out at the grocery store. Nowadays you can hardly go anywhere without seeing one; the technology emerged and we see them used … Continue reading

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