New Medical Imaging Features in LEADTOOLS Version 19 Update

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A few days ago, we announced the latest major update to LEADTOOLS Version 19 and listed the updates made to the Document Imaging Engine. Today we’re continuing in the excitement of this release and highlighting what’s new in the LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging Engine.

HTML5 Medical Viewer

  • MPR (Multiplanar Reconstruction) with cross hairs
  • Reference line enhancements
  • User-interface tools and actions
    • Equalization spyglass
    • Shutter
    • Probe
    • Revealer

Desktop Medical Viewer

  • Customization options for cell borders, orientation, window level range and more
  • Annotation types
    • Norberg
    • PolyRuler
  • Cobb Angle
  • Control order of click precedence for annotations and mouse actions
  • Cine playback option for stopping playback on last frame

DICOM Storage Server

  • New export feature with options to anonymize and/or create DICOMDIR
  • Search for "Other Patient IDs" tag
  • Logging improvements
  • Security updates

PACS Framework

  • Study Date option for Patient Updater
  • Options for sending Storage Commit responses on the same connection
  • Customization options for PACS service EXE


  • Support for sending message versions 2.5.1 and 2.3.1
  • Field validation
  • Ability to save messages in HL7 demo


  • Memory optimizations for large images and C-Store requests
  • New callbacks and helpers to help identify corrupt and problematic data set files


  • Redesigned server is simpler and more customizable
  • CCOW web interfaces
  • JavaScript library for communicating with CCOW components

To read more about this exciting update, see the official press release!

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