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RomanMosaicCommandFlags Enumeration

This enumeration contains all flags that are needed by the RomanMosaicCommand. It is indicate the values used to select the shape of the tiles and the type of shadow.
public enum RomanMosaicCommandFlags 
Public Enum RomanMosaicCommandFlags  
   Inherits System.Enum 
   Implements System.IComparable, System.IConvertible, System.IFormattable  
public enum class RomanMosaicCommandFlags : public System.Enum, System.IComparable, System.IConvertible, System.IFormattable   
0x00000000FlatDo not apply shadows.
0x00000000RectangularDraws rectangular tiles in a grid. When this flag is used TileWidth property will contain the tile width in pixels, and TileHeight property will contain the tile height in pixels.
0x00000001CircularDraws rounded rectangular tiles in rings around the center of the image. When this flag is used TileWidth property will contain the radial component of the tile in pixels.
0x00000002BothDraws both rounded rectangular and rectangular tiles. Draws the largest circle that will fit inside the image and fill that with rings of rounded rectangular tiles. Any part of the image that is not covered by the rounded rectangular tiles gets covered with a grid of rectangular tiles.
0x00000010ColoredShadowApply colored shadows.
0x00000020GrayShadowApply grayscale shadows.

You can use a bitwise OR ( ¦ ) to specify one flag from each group.

Group Flags
Drawing Shape Rectangular, Circular, Both
Shadow Flat, Gray, Colored


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