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TileWidth Property

Gets or sets a value that represents the width of the tile.
public int TileWidth { get; set; } 
Public Property TileWidth As Integer 
property int TileWidth { 
   int get(); 
   void set (    int ); 

Property Value

Value that represents the width of the tile. The meaning of the value in the TileWidth property differs according to the flags that are set in the Flags property. Possible values are:

If the Flags property contains: Then, the TileWidth property contains: And the range of possible values for the TileWidth property is:
MosaicTilesCommandFlags.Cartesian The width of each rectangular tile, in pixels. 1 to the image width, if there is no region. If there is a region, then the range of values is from 1 to the region width.
MosaicTilesCommandFlags.Polar The size, in degrees, of the curve in the arc-shaped tiles. That is, the circle around the Origin is divided into tiles of TileWidth degrees. 1 to 360. The circle can be divided into tiles from 1 degree to 360 degrees.

Refer to MosaicTilesCommand example.


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