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FromCurve(RasterRegionXForm,IList<LeadPoint>,float,LeadFillMode) Method

Creates a curved region from a list of points.
public static RasterRegion FromCurve( 
   RasterRegionXForm xform, 
   IList<LeadPoint> points, 
   float tension, 
   LeadFillMode fillMode 
Public Overloads Shared Function FromCurve( _ 
   ByVal xform As RasterRegionXForm, _ 
   ByVal points As IList(Of LeadPoint), _ 
   ByVal tension As Single, _ 
   ByVal fillMode As LeadFillMode _ 
) As RasterRegion 
static RasterRegion^ FromCurve(  
   RasterRegionXForm^ xform, 
   IList<LeadPoint>^ points, 
   float tension, 
   LeadFillMode fillMode 


RasterRegionXForm object that LEADTOOLS uses to translate between display coordinates and image coordinates. If you specify null in this parameter, the scalar fields default to 1, the offsets default to 0, and the view perspective defaults to the image view perspective.

Collection of LeadPoint objects. The points in the array must be in the order in which the vertices of the polygon are connected. To create the line that closes the polygon, the last point in the array is connected to the first point of the array.

A value that specifies the amount that the curve bends between control points. Values greater than 1 produce unpredictable results.

Indicates how to handle complex crossing lines.

Value Meaning
LeadFillMode.Winding All pixels that are inside the resulting exterior lines are in the region.
LeadFillMode.Alternate The region includes the area between odd-numbered and even-numbered polygon sides on each scan line.
Fill Mode

For more information, refer to Creating a Region.

For more information, refer to Saving A Region.

For more information, refer to Working with the Existing Region.


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