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Leadtools.ImageProcessing Enumerations


Overview and description of Leadtools ImageProcessing enumerations.

Enumeration Description
Enumeration ColorResolutionCommandMode Options for the ColorResolutionCommand.Mode property.
Enumeration ColorResolutionCommandPaletteFlags Palette options, for the ColorResolutionCommand.PaletteFlags property.
Enumeration CombineFastCommandFlags Flags for the CombineFastCommand.Flags.
Enumeration CombineWarpCommandFlags Flags for the CombineWarpCommand.Flags property.
Enumeration RasterColorChannel Indicates the channel that will be used in image processing methods.
Enumeration RasterCommandProcessorCancel Indicates whether or not to continue with the image processing command.
Enumeration RotateCommandFlags Flags for the RotateCommand.Flags property.
Enumeration ScrambleCommandFlags Flags for the ScrambleCommand.Flags property.
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