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RasterColorTypeConverter Class

Converts RasterColor objects from one data type to another. Access this class through the TypeConverter
public class RasterColorTypeConverter : TypeConverter 
Public Class RasterColorTypeConverter  
   Inherits System.ComponentModel.TypeConverter 
public ref class RasterColorTypeConverter : public System.ComponentModel.TypeConverter  

To convert a RasterColor to a string value, use the RasterColor.ToString method.

You can use the members of this class to convert a string to a RasterColor value. You can also use the helper static (Shared) RasterColorTypeConverter.ConvertFromString method directly without creating a TypeConverter instance.

Currently, this class supports converting a RasterColor to and from a string type only. The string can be in an HTML compatible format.

using Leadtools; 
public void RasterColorTypeConverterExample() 
	RasterColor clr; 
	// Convert different type of color string representation to RasterColor objects 
	clr = RasterColorTypeConverter.ConvertFromString("Red"); 
	Assert.IsTrue(clr.ToString() == "#FFFF0000"); 
	Console.WriteLine("Red: " + clr.ToString()); 
	clr = RasterColorTypeConverter.ConvertFromString("BLUE"); 
	Assert.IsTrue(clr.ToString() == "#FF0000FF"); 
	Console.WriteLine("BLUE: " + clr.ToString()); 
	clr = RasterColorTypeConverter.ConvertFromString("#F3AABBCC"); 
	Assert.IsTrue(clr.ToString() == "#F3AABBCC"); 
	Console.WriteLine("#F3AABBCC: " + clr.ToString()); 
	// Convert this last color back to string 
	string temp = clr.ToString(); 
	// Convert it back to color 
	clr = RasterColorTypeConverter.ConvertFromString(temp); 
	Assert.IsTrue(clr.ToString() == temp); 
	Console.WriteLine(temp + ": " + clr.ToString()); 
Imports Leadtools 
Public Sub RasterColorTypeConverterExample() 
   Dim clr As RasterColor 
   ' Convert different type of color string representation to RasterColor objects 
   clr = RasterColorTypeConverter.ConvertFromString("Red") 
   Console.WriteLine("Red: " + clr.ToString()) 
   clr = RasterColorTypeConverter.ConvertFromString("BLUE") 
   Console.WriteLine("BLUE: " + clr.ToString()) 
   clr = RasterColorTypeConverter.ConvertFromString("#F3AABBCC") 
   Console.WriteLine("#F3AABBCC: " + clr.ToString()) 
   ' Convert this last color back to string 
   Dim temp As String = clr.ToString() 
   ' Convert it back to color 
   clr = RasterColorTypeConverter.ConvertFromString(temp) 
   Console.WriteLine(temp + ": " + clr.ToString()) 
End Sub 

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