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InsertPage Method

Inserts a new page into this RasterImage.
public int InsertPage( 
   int index, 
   RasterImage image 
Public Function InsertPage( _ 
   ByVal index As Integer, _ 
   ByVal image As RasterImage _ 
) As Integer 
- (NSInteger)insertPage:(LTRasterImage *)page atIndex:(NSInteger)index 
public int insertPage(int index, RasterImage image) 
int InsertPage(  
   int index, 
   RasterImage^ image 


The 1-based index of the page from image to insert. If index is equal to -1, the page is inserted at the end. Use index = 0 to insert the new page as the beginning (first).

The image to add.

Return Value

The 1-based index of the newly inserted page.


This method pulls the current active page of image and inserts into the current RasterImage object at index = index. The number of pages in image is decremented by one, if image had only one page prior to calling this method, then the image object is disposed of and should not be used afterwards.

The RasterImage object can hold multiple pages with different sizes. The AddPage, AddPages, InsertPage and InsertPages methods allows adding new pages to an existing RasterImage.

The RemovePageAt, RemovePages and RemoveAllPages methods allows removing existing pages from a RasterImage object.

The ReplacePage and ReplacePages methods allows replace existing pages in a RasterImage object.

The PageCount property holds the total number of pages in a RasterImage object while the Page property allows you to change the current active page.

The current active page (The page indicated by the Page property) is used by default when accessing the data of a RasterImage object unless otherwise indicated.


For an example, refer to Page


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