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RasterColor Structure

Describes a color consisting of relative intensities of alpha, red, green, and blue.
public struct RasterColor 
Public Structure RasterColor  
   Inherits System.ValueType 
@interface LTRasterColor : NSObject <NSCopying, NSCoding> 
public final class RasterColor 
public value class RasterColor : public System.ValueType  

The LEADTOOLS RasterColor class provides a platform independent representation of an ARGB color that can be used in any platform supported by LEADTOOLS such as GDI, GDI+, and WPF.

To convert a LEADTOOLS RasterColor object to/from a device dependent color, you can either use the various properties of methods of this class (such as the A, R, G, B properties and the RasterColor(int alpha, int red, int green, int blue) constructor) directly, or use the following helper classes:

In the Document and Medical toolkits, the COLORREF value can represent a 16-bit grayscale value if RasterImage is a 12- or 16-bit grayscale bitmap. To avoid confusion with an RGB value, set the COLORREF_GRAY16 mask (0x04000000). In this case (0x0400YYYY), the lower 16 bits (0xYYYY) of the COLORREF value represent the 16-bit grayscale value. (0x0400FFFF is 16-bit white and 0x04000000 is 16-bit black.) These are not standard Windows values. Therefore, although LEADTOOLS methods will recognize a COLORREF having this format, Windows methods will not.


Converts a .NET color to a RasterColor and back.

using Leadtools; 
public void Example() 
	const int A = 128, R = 24, G = 87, B = 134; 
	// Create a RasterColor 
	RasterColor clr = new RasterColor(A, R, G, B); 
	// Make sure the color is correct 
	Assert.IsTrue(clr.A == A); 
	Assert.IsTrue(clr.R == R); 
	Assert.IsTrue(clr.G == G); 
	Assert.IsTrue(clr.B == B); 
	// Show its value 
	// Show the A, R, G and B values 
	Console.WriteLine("Alpha value: " + clr.A); 
	Console.WriteLine("Red value: " + clr.R); 
	Console.WriteLine("Green value: " + clr.G); 
	Console.WriteLine("Blue value: " + clr.B); 
Imports Leadtools 
Public Sub Example() 
   ' Create a RasterColor 
   Dim clr As New RasterColor(128, 24, 87, 134) 
   ' Make sure the color is correct 
   Debug.Assert(clr.A = 128) 
   Debug.Assert(clr.R = 24) 
   Debug.Assert(clr.G = 87) 
   Debug.Assert(clr.B = 134) 
   ' Show its value 
   ' Show the A, R, G and B values 
   Console.WriteLine("Alpha value: " + clr.A.ToString()) 
   Console.WriteLine("Red value: " + clr.R.ToString()) 
   Console.WriteLine("Green value: " + clr.G.ToString()) 
   Console.WriteLine("Blue value: " + clr.B.ToString()) 
End Sub 

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