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NonLinearLookupTable Property


Determines whether the image has a non-linear lookup table (LUT).

public bool NonLinearLookupTable {get; set;} 
Public Property NonLinearLookupTable() As Boolean 
   property bool NonLinearLookupTable 
      bool get() 
      void set(bool value) 

Property Value

true if the image has non-linear lookup table (LUT); otherwise, false.


NonLinearLookupTable indicates whether an image lookup table (LUT) is non-linear. The LEADTOOLS rendering engine uses this flag internally to avoid problems with bicubic/resample resizing.

When the flag is not set, the resample algorithm uses the LUT index (which is the preferred mechanism when rendering DICOM files). However, if some LUT portions contain colors while others have grayscale values, painting artifacts might be produced. To fix this, the rendering engine checks the value of NonLinearLookupTable and if it is set, it converts the image data to 24-bit color using the LUT and performs the resample/bicubic resizing on the 24-bit data to produce better quality results.

The DICOM engine automatically sets this flag when loading DICOM files containing 16-bit palettes. Users should set this flag if they change the LUT manually or if they change the LUT to be non-linear. Otherwise, rendering the zoomed-in image will have paint problems if resample/bicubic resizing is used.

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