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GetObjectData Method

Populates a specified SerializationInfo with the data needed to serialize this object.
public virtual void GetObjectData( 
   SerializationInfo info, 
   StreamingContext context 
Public Overridable Sub GetObjectData( _ 
   ByVal info As SerializationInfo, _ 
   ByVal context As StreamingContext _ 
virtual void GetObjectData(  
   SerializationInfo^ info, 
   StreamingContext context 


The SerializationInfo to populate with data.

The contextual information about the source or destination of the serialization.


This method implements ISerializable.GetObjectData.

The RasterImage class supports standard .NET serialization. Serialization a RasterImage is the process of converting the state of an RasterImage object into a form that can be persisted or transported. The complement of serialization is deserialization, which converts a stream into an RasterImage object. Together, these processes allow the image data to be easily stored and transferred.

When you serialize an RasterImage object, all the data inside the object are saved. This include the image data of all pages as well as the current page number, region information, low bit/high bit, palette data, metadata (tags, markers and comments), etc. In other words, the RasterImage can be constructed back to its original state from the stream.

For more information and examples regarding serialization of an RasterImage object, refer to RasterImage Serialization.

This method will use the value of RasterDefaults.CompressOnSerialize to determine whether to use compression when serializing the RasterImage object.


For an example, refer to /#ctor.


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