Files To Be Included With Your Application

Files for redistribution are installed by the LEADTOOLS setup. For more information on the installation directory structure, refer to Installation Directory.

Legal Notices

Note: You may not copy or redistribute any of the following files without obtaining the proper license. In some cases, the license is included with your initial purchase of LEADTOOLS. In other cases, you must obtain a license from a third party or enter into a royalty agreement with LEAD to obtain the proper license. For these special licensing situations, see the notes below accompanying the specific file.

Note: You may not distribute the header files with your application, and you may not provide software development capabilities in your application.

LTKRN is required for ALL C API applications.

LTKRN and LTWVC are required for ALL C++ Class Library applications.

Note: Most of the LEADTOOLS Windows DLLs are compiled with Visual Studio 2017 and are linked statically to the Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Runtime.
The Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable Package cannot be installed on some versions of Windows. For supported versions, see Choosing a Deployment Method and Update for Universal C Runtime in Windows . The Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Runtime also requires the Windows Universal CRT library, which is distributed as part of Windows 10. For information on how to redistribute the universal CRT, see Introducing the Universal CRT. Only the following DLLs are compiled with requirements for specific versions of the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime:

Note: For more information about distributing the Microsoft C/C++ runtime files, refer to:

The following table summarizes the files you must include with your distribution. Most files in the table are optional. These files are referred to as "Redistributables" in the License Agreement.

Redistributables Explanation Win32 Platforms x64 Platforms LINUX Platforms
LTDIC DICOM Support (File format support, communication support). The header file is Ltdic.h. DLL: DLL: SO:
LTDIC is the DICOM DLL used with Microsoft VC 8 Compilers. Ltdicu.dll Ltdicx.dll
LTDIC2 is the DICOM DLL used with Microsoft VC 6 Compilers. Ltdic2u.dll Ltdic2x.dll
LTDICA is the ANSI version of the DICOM DLL used with Microsoft VC 6 and VC 8 Compilers. Ltdica.dll Ltdicax.dll
Library: Library:
Ltdic_u.lib Ltdic_x.lib
Ltdic2_u.lib Ltdic2_x.lib
Ltdic_a.lib Ltdic_ax.lib
LTDICTABLES DICOM Support Contains the UID, IOD, Context Group, and Element Tag tables. DLL: DLL: SO:
LTDICTABLESA is the ANSI version of the DICOM DLL. LtDicTablesu.dll LtDicTablesx.dll
LtDicTablesa.dll LtDicTablesax.dll
LTANN Annotation Support. DLL: DLL:
Required for DICOM Annotation functionality. Ltannu.dll Ltannx.dll
LTTLS TLS secure communication support. DLL: DLL:
Lttlsu.dll Lttlsx.dll
LTCRY Digital signatures and TLS secure communication support. DLL: DLL:
Ltcryu.dll Ltcryx.dll
Required for DICOM files that have JPEG or LEAD CMP compressed images. Lfcmpu.dll Lfcmpx.dll
Required for DICOM files that have JPEG-LS compressed images. Lfjlsu.dll Lfjlsx.dll
LFJ2K JPEG 2000 Support. DLL: DLL: SO:
Required for DICOM files that have JPEG 2000 compressed images. Lfj2ku.dll Lfj2kx.dll

LEADTOOLS SDK Platform and Application-Specific Redistributables

Application-Specific: For LEADTOOLS SDK core redistributables requirement of the exact assemblies and libraries to use on a specific platform and application, refer to the Files to be Included.
Assembly Directory: For LEADTOOLS SDK installation directory information, refer to Installation Directory.
Licensing: For licensing information, refer to LEADTOOLS Runtime Licensing and LEADTOOLS Runtime Licensing FAQ
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