An Overview of the DICOM File Format

An Overview of the DICOM File Format
Overview: Attributes
Overview: Basic DICOM File Structure
Overview: Big Endian versus Little Endian Byte Ordering
Overview: Composite IOD
Overview: Compression
Overview: Data Element Fields
Overview: Data Element Structure
Overview: Data Element Type
Overview: Definitions
Overview: Delimitation of the Sequence of Items
Overview: Encoding of Pixel Data
Overview: Group Length
Overview: Information Object Definitions
Overview: Item Encoding Rules
Overview: Modules
Overview: Native or Encapsulated Format Encoding
Overview: Nesting of Data Sets
Overview: Normalized and Composite SOP Classes
Overview: Normalized IOD
Overview: Pixel Data Encoding of Related Data Elements
Overview: Private Data Elements
Overview: Private Data Element Tags
Overview: Repeating Groups
Overview: Retired Data Elements
Overview: Unique Identifiers
Overview: Value Multiplicity (VM) and Delimitation
Overview: Value Representations
Class Example
Module Example
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