SetPropertySystemTime Method


Sets the date and time of the specified item in the form of a System.DateTime structure for WiaVariableTypes.UI2 or WiaVariableTypes.Vector properties.

public void SetPropertySystemTime( 
   object item, 
   string propertyIdName, 
   WiaPropertyId propertyId, 
   DateTime value 
Public Sub SetPropertySystemTime( _ 
   ByVal item As Object, _ 
   ByVal propertyIdName As String, _ 
   ByVal propertyId As WiaPropertyId, _ 
   ByVal value As Date _ 
void SetPropertySystemTime(  
   Object^ item, 
   String^ propertyIdName, 
   WiaPropertyId propertyId, 
   DateTime value 


Handle to the item having the property. Retrieve this parameter by either calling the GetRootItem method to get the device's root item itself, or by enumerating the child items of the device through a call to the EnumChildItems method.

This string should contain the equivalent property Id string for the WIA property ID. Use the GetPropertyIdString method to get this string for the property ID.

If you pass null for this parameter, then the WIA toolkit will use the property ID passed through the third parameter,

propertyId; otherwise, this parameter will be used whether or not you passed a valid property ID through the propertyId parameter.

The property ID for the value being sought. For a list of available property IDs, see WiaPropertyId.

This parameter is required only if the second parameter, propertyIdName, is null; otherwise, you can pass 0 for this parameter.

The WIA date value to set.


Call this function to set the passed item's date and time through the System.DateTime structure for any WiaVariableTypes.UI2 or WiaVariableTypes.Vector property (for instance, WiaPropertyId.DeviceTime or WiaPropertyId.ItemTime ).

For more information, refer to Managing WIA Sources.


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