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Leadtools.Wia Classes


Overview and description of Leadtools Wia classes.

Class Description
WiaAcquireEventArgs Provides data for the WiaSession.AcquireEvent event.
Class WiaAcquireFileEventArgs Provides data for the WiaSession.AcquireFileEvent event.
Class WiaEnumCapabilitiesEventArgs Provides data for the WiaSession.EnumCapabilitiesEvent event.
Class WiaEnumDevicesEventArgs Provides data for the WiaSession.EnumDevicesEvent event.
Class WiaEnumFormatsEventArgs Provides data for the WiaSession.EnumFormatsEvent event.
Class WiaEnumItemsEventArgs Provides data for the WiaSession.EnumItemsEvent event.
Class WiaException The exception that is thrown when a WIA error occurs.
Class WiaSession The WiaSession provides support for WIA scanning functionality.
Class WiaSetPropertiesEventArgs Provides data for each WIA property set by calling the SetProperties method.
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