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Leadtools.ScreenCapture Introduction


The LEADTOOLS Screen Capture .Net class library functions enable your applications to capture images that can be used with any of the LEADTOOLS image processing functions, and save them to any of the 150+ image file formats that LEAD supports. These assemblies are included with LEADTOOLS Raster, Vector, Medical, and Document Imaging products.

Key Features:

With the LEADTOOLS Screen Capture feature you can capture the:

  • Entire screen
  • Selected area of the screen in a wide array of shapes such as:
    • Triangle
    • Rectangle
    • Rounded rectangle
    • Ellipse
    • Polygon
    • Freehand
  • Active window
  • Menu under cursor: capture drop-down and cascading menus from Windows programs.
  • Window under cursor (button, tool bar, icon, or client area)
  • Selected object
  • Mouse cursor
  • Desktop Wallpaper
  • Bitmap, Icon and Cursor images from Windows EXE and DLL files

Options include:

  • Multi-capture with callback
  • Hot Keys
  • Time interval between captures

Supported Environments

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Leadtools.ScreenCapture Assembly