ScreenCaptureOptions Structure


Specifies information used in the capture process.

public struct ScreenCaptureOptions 
Public Structure ScreenCaptureOptions  
   Inherits System.ValueType 
public value class ScreenCaptureOptions : public System.ValueType  


Normally, when a capture function is called, the function enters a loop, and waits for the hot key specified in HotKey to be pressed, at which point it performs the capture. This loop can cause the CPU usage indicator to appear maxed out. Specifying the OptimizedHotkey property to be true will cause the capture method to return immediately (if a HotKey has been specified in Hotkey). In this case, a global system HotKey hook is established and used to wait for the HotKey to be pressed. When the HotKey is pressed, the capture is performed and the event handler is called with the results of the capture. Use this option only if the normal behavior is causing your application problems. This option is ignored in Win95/98/Me.


For an example, refer to ScreenCaptureEngine.


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