ViewWindowFields Class


Defines all of the fields necessary to specify a window of interest.

public class ViewWindowFields 
Public Class ViewWindowFields  
public ref class ViewWindowFields  


The client will use this class to specify the image view window information, a client may request an image in full resolution or smaller resolutions using the FrameSize and the RoundingDirection properties. Also the client may request portion of the image to be transmitted instead of the complete image, this is useful when the client is only interested in the displayed region without the need to transmit all the image information. The client can still requests other portions of the image in future requests.

Use the RegionSize and RegionOffset to control the portion of the image to be returned.

When an image contains multiple codestream (Pages) the client can request all codestreams to be delivered or only a single or specific set of codestreams. Use the CodeStream property to specify which codestreams to be delivered by the server. Also you can use the CodeStreamContext property to request advanced image codestream transformation for JPX images.


For an example, refer to Leadtools.Jpip.RequestEncoder.HttpRequestEncoder.


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