CacheManagementFields Class


Defines all of the fields for managing the JPIP server cache model.

public class CacheManagementFields 
Public Class CacheManagementFields  
public ref class CacheManagementFields  


When a client request is received, this class will contain the JPIP cache management fields received from the client.

Access this class by using the RequestFields.RequestCacheManagementFields property in the RequestFields class when a new client request is received.

A JPIP client can use this class to update the server cache model, for both session-based and stateless requests.

For session-based requests, the server will maintain a model for the client cache, which contains the information it already sent to the client within a session. This will significantly reduce the amount of data transmitted in each response.

For stateless requests, the server won't be able to maintain a cache mode for the client. The client then can use this class to tell the server which information it has for the specified image codestream(s).


For an example, refer to Leadtools.Jpip.RequestEncoder.HttpRequestEncoder.


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