Alignment Property


Gets or sets a value indicating whether the server response data shall be aligned on natural boundaries.

public Nullable<bool> Alignment { get; set; } 
Public Property Alignment As Nullable(Of Boolean) 
property Nullable<bool> Alignment { 
   Nullable<bool> get(); 
   void set (    Nullable<bool> ); 

Property Value

true to align the server response data on natural boundaries; otherwise (default), false.


A message is said to cross a natural boundary if it includes the last byte prior to the boundary, and the first byte after the boundary.

Each JPIP data-bin has its own boundary. The following list describes each data-bin type boundary:

  • Precinct data-bin: End of a packet (one boundary for each quality layer).
  • Tile data-bin: End of a tile-part (one boundary for each tile-part).
  • Tile header data-bin: End of the bin (only one boundary).
  • Main header data-bin: End of the bin (only one boundary).
  • Metadata-bin: End of a box at the top level of the data-bin (one boundary for each box).


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