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Image Property


The image used for creating a PDF document page with the image and text overlay feature.

public RasterImage Image { get; set; } 
Public Property Image As RasterImage 
property RasterImage^ Image { 
   RasterImage^ get(); 
   void set (    RasterImage^ ); 

Property Value

A RasterImage that contains the optional raster image to use to create a PDF page with the image/text overlay feature. If this feature is not used, this property must be set to null (Nothing in VB).


The Image property is optional and is used only when the document being created is PDF with the Image and Text overlay option. To create a PDF document with image/text overlay, perform the following steps:

The AnnotationContainer property is optional and is used to create annotated document. It's only valid when the document being created is PDF. Note that saving annotated document is not supported when DocumentType is PdfDocumentType.PdfA.

For more information, refer to PdfDocumentOptions.

You are responsible for freeing this Image object after the call to DocumentWriter.AddPage or DocumentWriter.InsertPage returns. This is usually done by calling RasterImage.Dispose.


For an example, refer to DocumentWriterEmfPage.


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