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Convert(Stream,Stream,DocumentFormat) Method


Converts a document stream from the LEADTOOLS Temporary Document (LTD) format to a stream that will contain the data in any of the formats supported by the LEADTOOLS Document Writer.

public void Convert( 
   Stream ltdStream, 
   Stream outputStream, 
   DocumentFormat format 
Public Sub Convert( 
   ByVal ltdStream As Stream, 
   ByVal outputStream As Stream, 
   ByVal format As DocumentFormat 
   void Convert( 
      Stream^ ltdStream, 
      Stream^ outputStream, 
      DocumentFormat^ format 



The stream containing existing LTD format data.


The stream that will contain the data of the converted document file.


The format of the converted document file to be created. This parameter cannot be DocumentFormat.Ltd.


Use the Convert method to convert a file or stream created with the proprietary DocumentFormat.Ltd to any of the other popular formats supported by the LEADTOOLS Document Writers.

The LEADTOOLS Temporary Document format (LTD) was created to support adding a large number of pages to a document in one or more sessions. The file created on disk or stream is in a proprietary format and is intended to be converted (after all the pages are collected) to the final desired format such as PDF, DOC, or HTML.

You can also use the DocumentWriter.AppendLtd method to append pages from one LTD file to another.

For more information, refer to DocumentFormat.Ltd.

For more information about creating a document using the LEADTOOLS Document Writer, refer to BeginDocument.


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