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EmfHandle Property


The Windows Enhanced Meta File handle representation of the page.

public IntPtr EmfHandle { get; set; } 
Public Property EmfHandle As IntPtr 
property IntPtr EmfHandle { 
   IntPtr get(); 
   void set (    IntPtr ); 

Property Value

An IntPtr structure that contains the unmanaged handle to the Windows Enhanced Meta File object.


The EmfHandle property must contain a valid Windows Enhanced Meta File handle (EMF)--it cannot be IntPtr.Zero. This EMF handle is used in the DocumentWriter.AddPage or DocumentWriter.InsertPage methods to create the visual representation of the new page added to the document being created.

The LEADTOOLS Document Writer toolkit will not use the EmfHandle after the call to DocumentWriter.AddPage or DocumentWriter.InsertPage returns. This handle needs to be deleted to free the resources associated with it (for example, using the Windows API DeleteEnhMetaFile).

The Windows Enhanced Meta File (EMF) objects can be obtained from multiple sources as explained in LEADTOOLS Document Writers.

The Dots/Inch (DPI) of the page is the same as the DPI stored in the EmfHandle property. Therefore, to create a page with 300 DPI, you must add a document page with an EMF that has a DPI of 300 (both horizontally or vertically although the LEADTOOLS Document Writer supports different values for the DPI). When using the PDF with image and text feature, set the DPI of the RasterImage object to the same DPI as the EMF handle using the RasterImage.XResolution and RasterImage.YResolution properties.

The LEADTOOLS Document Writer supports creating documents with zero or more empty pages inside them. Simply pass a page of type DocumentWriterEmptyPage to DocumentWriter.AddPage or DocumentWriter.InsertPage methods. The dimension of the empty page must be set before hand in the DocumentOptions.EmptyPageWidth and DocumentOptions.EmptyPageHeight and its resolution set to DocumentOptions.EmptyPageResolution. As many empty pages as desired can be added and in any index desired. To use empty pages, make sure the DocumentOptions.PageRestriction property is set to DocumentPageRestriction.Relaxed.


For an example, refer to DocumentWriterEmfPage.


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