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MinifyCacheItem Property


IndicateS whether to minify the data stored in the cache for each status.

public bool MinifyCacheItem { get; set; } 
Public Property MinifyCacheItem() As Boolean 
   property bool MinifyCacheItem 
      bool get() 
      void set(bool value) 

Property Value

true to minify the data stored in the cache for each status; otherwise, false. The default value is true.


A clone of the StatusJobData associated with a job is stored in the cache and can be retrieved using QueryJobStatus. Not all the members of the class are required once the job is running, therefore, the runner can minimize the size of the data by clearing the members not required for reading the status of the job.

When the value of MinifyCacheItem is true (the default value), the runner will clear the values of these members before storing StatusJobData instances into the cache:

  • StatusCacheConfiguration
  • StatusCachePolicy
  • DocumentConverterOptions
  • DocumentWriterOptions
  • OcrEngineName
  • OcrEngineStartupParameters
  • OcrEngineSettings
  • InputCacheConfiguration
  • OutputCacheConfiguration
  • OutputCachePolicy
  • OutputDocumentId

Since these members are not essential for the application calling QueryJobStatus.

The following values are always cleared out before storing StatusJobData instances into the cache:

  • DocumentConverter
  • StatusCache
  • StatusCacheItemPolicy
  • OutputCache
  • OutputCacheItemPolicy
  • InputCache


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