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OutputSinglePages Property


Saves each page in a separate file regardless of the final document format.

public bool OutputSinglePages { get; set; } 
Public Property OutputSinglePages() As Boolean 
   property bool OutputSinglePages 
      bool get() 
      void set(bool value) 
public boolean getOutputSinglePages() 
public void setOutputSinglePages(boolean value) 

Property Value

true to save each page in a separate file regardless of the final document format; otherwise, false. Default value is false.


OutputSinglePages is supported only when the final document is raster. In other words, when the value of DocumentConverterJobData.RasterImageFormat is other than RasterImageFormat.Unknown. and DocumentConverterJobData.DocumentFormat is DocumentFormat.User.

When converting a multipage document to a raster image format that supports multipage, such as TIF or Raster PDF, the result is a single multipage file that contains all the pages from the original document and PageNumberingTemplate is not used. This is the default value. If this behavior is not desired and multiple output files are to be generated each representing the converted page of a document, then set the value of OutputSinglePages to true and the converter will use PageNumberingTemplate to generate a separate file for each page.

When OutputSinglePages is true and used, the converter will generate single annotation files for each page if annotations mode was set to DocumentConverterAnnotationsMode to generate the file names.


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