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BeginUpdateContainers Method


Stops the automation from passing events to the automation control while containers are being added or removed.

public void BeginUpdateContainers() 
   void BeginUpdateContainers() 
def BeginUpdateContainers(self): 

The BeginUpdateContainers method will cause the automation to send events to the automation control. This is useful to increase the application speed and efficiency when adding or removing more than one container from the Containers. When the user calls the EndUpdateContainers method, the automation will then notify the automation control of changes that have been made to update its viewer.

For better visual results and for speed efficiency, it is recommended you surround multiple calls that will result in containers being added or removed between BeginUpdateContainers and EndUpdateContainers.

Calls to BeginUpdateContainers and EndUpdateContainers are accumulative. Each call to BeginUpdateContainers must be matched with a corresponding call to EndUpdateContainers or else updates to the automation containers will not be applied.

When the final EndUpdateContainers is called and updating is resumed, the automation control will be updated.


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