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HangingProtocolDefinitonSequenceDataTable Class Methods


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Public Methods

Name Description
Public Method
AddHangingProtocolDefinitonSequenceRow Adds a row to this HangingProtocolDefinitonSequenceDataTable.
Public Method Clone Creates a new object that is a copy of the current instance.
Public Method FindByDefinitionSequenceGuid Finds the row with the given Definition Sequence GUID value.
Public Method
static  | Shared in VB</div>
GetTypedTableSchema Gets a System.Xml.Schema.XmlSchemaComplexType that represents the complexType element from XML Schema as specified by the World Wide Web Consortium.
Public Method NewHangingProtocolDefinitonSequenceRow Creates a new HangingProtocolDefinitonSequenceRow.
Public Method RemoveHangingProtocolDefinitonSequenceRow Removes the specified row.

Protected Methods

Name Description
Protected Method
CreateInstance Creates an uninitialized HangingProtocolDefinitonSequenceDataTable.
Protected Method GetRowType Use this method to get the type of data allowed in the HangingProtocolDefinitonSequenceDataTable table row.
Protected Method NewRowFromBuilder Creates a new System.Data.DataRow.
Protected Method OnRowChanged Raises the HangingProtocolDefinitonSequenceRowChanged event.
Protected Method OnRowChanging Raises the HangingProtocolDefinitonSequenceRowChanging event.
Protected Method OnRowDeleted Raises the HangingProtocolDefinitonSequenceRowDeleted event.
Protected Method OnRowDeleting Raises the HangingProtocolDefinitonSequenceRowDeleting event.

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