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QueryHangingProtocolAsync Method


Asynchronously performs a query to find the composite instance information with the specified matching parameters.

Public MustOverride Function QueryHangingProtocolAsync( 
   ByVal matchingEntitiesCollection As MatchingParameterCollection, 
   ByVal queryPageInfo As QueryPageInfo 
) As Boolean 
   virtual bool QueryHangingProtocolAsync( 
      MatchingParameterCollection^ matchingEntitiesCollection, 
      QueryPageInfo^ queryPageInfo 
   ) abstract 



A MatchingParameterCollection which includes the matching parameters for the query.


Type: QueryPageInfo Specifies the page number and page size that will result from the executing the query.

Return Value

true if query is successfully being performed, false if the query was already being executed.


This is an asynchronous version of QueryHangingProtocol that can optionally paginate the results, via QueryPageInfo. The QueryCompositeInstancesStarting event will be fired immediately upon a successful call to QueryHangingProtocolAsync. When completed, the QueryHangingProtocolCompleted is fired. To cancel execution, call the CancelQueryHangingProtocolAsync method.

The matchingEntitiesCollection can be from any level and they are not limited to the instance level. Which means you can query for hanging protocol instance using the Patient ID in the patient level or study Instance UID in the study level.

This method will include all the information for the patient, study and series and composite instance levels.

For more information about the tables returned for the patient level see the QueryHangingProtocol method.


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