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CustomQueryCompositeInstances Method


Find composite instance information with the specified matching parameters. Unlike QueryCompositeInstances, this function returns less tables, see below.

public virtual DataSet CustomQueryCompositeInstances( 
   MatchingParameterCollection matchingEntitiesCollection, 
   ExtraQueryOptions options 



A MatchingParameterCollection which includes the matching parameters for the query.


An ExtraQueryOptions that holds the options

Return Value

The System.Data.DataSet which contains the composite instance information that matches the query parameters.


The MatchingParameterCollection can be from any level and they are not limited to the Composite instance level. Which means you can query for Composite instance using the Patient ID in the patient level or study Instance UID in the study level.

An ExtraQueryOptions that holds the options. This method will include all the information for the patient, study and series and Composite instance levels.

The following tables in the CompositeInstanceDataSet will contain the Composite instance information: Instance, ImageInstance and ReferencedImages.

This function execludes some tables from the query results, which will make the query execute much faster. Use this query when you don't care about the missing tables and you only need rhe returned ones from this function for better performance.


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