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Overview and description of Leadtools Jpip classes, and enumerations.

Class Description
Class CacheManagementFields Defines all of the fields for managing the JPIP server cache model.
Class ChannelFields Defines all of the fields for working with channels and sessions.
Class ClientCapabilitiesFields Defines all of the fields for communicating client capabilities and preferences.
Class ContextRange Base class for the JPXLContextRange and MJ2TContextRange.
Class DataLimitFields Defines all of the fields for a JPIP client data Limiting request.
Class ImageReturnType Identifies the type of the requested image stream.
Class JpipChannelTypes Contains the values for the ChannelFields.NewChannel property.
Class JPXLContextRange Represents a JPXL context range type.
Class JpxlGeometry Identifies a specific compositing instruction within a JPX Composition (comp) box.
Class MetaDataReqFields Defines the fields for working with meta-data information.
Class MetaReq Specifies desired metadata in response to a client request.
Class MJ2TContextRange Allows clients to request specific tracks from an MJ2 file.
Class PrefixedContext Contains the codestream context information returned from the server.
Class Range Stores a range of integers identified by a start and end values.
Class RangeF Stores a range of floating-points numbers identified by start and end values.
Class ReqBoxProp Specifies a list of box types that are of interest to the client.
Class RequestFields Contains all client request information.
Class ResponseCodeStream Contains the codestream information returned by the server.
Class ResponseFields Holds the information returned by the server response.
Class SampleRange Defines the properties of a codestream.
Class ServerControlFields Defines all of the fields that control the server response.
Class TargetFields Defines all of the fields necessary to request a target image.
Class ViewWindowFields Defines all of the fields necessary to specify a window of interest.
Enumeration Description
Enumeration DataBinClassIdValues Class identifiers for different data-bin message classes.
Enumeration EOR Specifies the reason for ending the response.
Enumeration ExplicitBin Identifies the type of an Leadtools.Jpip.Caching.ExplicitBinDescriptor.
Enumeration ImageTypes Identifies the image return types.
Enumeration ImplicitBinPrefix Indicates the type of a data-bin in an Leadtools.Jpip.Caching.ImplicitBinDescriptor.
Enumeration MetaReqQualifier Metadata request qualifier flags
Enumeration RoundingDirection Specifies rounding direction options.
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