Leadtools.Jpip.JPX Namespace

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Overview and description of Leadtools Jpip JPX classes, and enumerations.

Class Description
Class CodestreamRegistrationBox Defines the data for a meta-data codestream registration box.
Class CompositionLayerHeaderBox Represents a Compositing Layer Header box in a JPxFile.
Class JPxBox Represents a meta-data JPx box.
Class JPxBoxParser Reads meta-data boxes from a JP2 or JPx file.
Class JPxFile Represents a JPx file.
Class PlaceHolderInfo Contains information about a JPIP placeholder box.
Class RegisteredCodestreamInfo Specifies how compositing layer codestreams shall be registered when rendering the layer.
Enumeration Description
Enumeration PlaceholderPossibleFlagsValue Indicates the type of meta-data placeholder box.
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