DataLimitFields Class


Defines all of the fields for a JPIP client data Limiting request.

public class DataLimitFields 
Public Class DataLimitFields  
public ref class DataLimitFields  

Use this class to control the amount of information returned in server responses. Usually the client does not want all the image information to be returned in single response since this affects delivery time and network bandwidth.

The client can select the number of bytes returned for image information using the DataLength property. In session-based requests the client usually makes additional requests to retrieve the rest of information since the server maintains a client cache model for the information previously sent (to ensure that no redundant data is transmitted). However, in stateless requests the client can still limit the amount of data transmitted in the server response and in future requests it will use the CacheManagementFields fields to update the server cache model.

For more information check the ChannelFields and CacheManagementFields classes.


For an example, refer to Leadtools.Jpip.RequestEncoder.HttpRequestEncoder.


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