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Leadtools.Document.Writer Introduction


LEADTOOLS Document Writers class library provides programming tools for creating popular multi-page and searchable documents such as Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word and HTML from Scalable Vector Objects (SVG), standard Windows Enhanced Meta File (EMF) and raster image objects.

Supported Document Formats

  • Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). With support for PDF/A and optional image over text overlays. The PDF document support requires unlocking an extra key before it can be used. For more information, refer to Unlocking Special LEAD Features
  • Microsoft Word document format (DOCX and DOC)
  • Microsoft Excel document format (XLS)
  • Microsoft Open XML Paper Specification (XPS)
  • Rich Text Format (RTF)
  • HTML
  • ePUB open e-book standard
  • MOBI e-book format
  • ALTO XML (Library of Congress OCR text and layout information). Part of METS standard
  • Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
  • Text (ANSI, UTF8 and UTF16)
  • Windows Enhanced Metafile format (EMF)
  • LEADTOOLS Temporary Document (LTD). This format creates a temporary file on disk that can later be converted to any of the other formats supported by the LEADTOOLS Document Writers. This format is intended to be used when creating a document with large amount of pages over multiple sessions (for example, in a server-based scenario)

Key Features:

  • Support for PDF/A. PDF/A is a subset of PDF obtained by leaving out PDF features not suited to long-term archiving. The resulting document is guaranteed to look exactly like the original version when viewed on the target machine. Saving with PDF/A document type may result in larger output file sizes
  • Extra options for the various flavors of the output documents supported. For example, adding page numbers and breaks to text files and frames (text box objects) in DOC/DOCX files
  • Support provided to monitor the document creation operation through a progress event. Your application can provide a visual feedback using a progress bar and a cancel button to the user to allow both monitoring and abortion of the current operation.

Supported Environments

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