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DocumentDropObjects Enumeration


Lists object types available for dropping from the final document.

public enum DocumentDropObjects 
Public Enum DocumentDropObjects 
public [SerializableAttribute,  
   enum class DocumentDropObjects sealed 


0x00000100 DropShapes

Drop shapes from the final document.

0x00000080 DropImages

Drop images from the final document.

0x00000040 DropText

Drop text from the final document.

0x00000000 None

Add all text, images and shapes to the final document (the default value).


The DocumentDropObjects enumeration can be used to control which object types to drop from the final document. For example, when performing OCR and using PDF as the output format, it is sometimes desirable to produce PDF files without any images in it in order to reduce the final document size or to remove any graphical area produced by the OCR engine either correctly or incorrectly. To produce PDF files without any images, set the value of PdfDocumentOptions.DropObjects to DocumentDropObjects.DropImages instead of the default value of DocumentDropObjects.None.

What happens at the location of the dropped objects in the final document depends on the format. For example, PDF supports exact insertion coordinates, and hence, dropping objects will produce a final document that matches the formatting of the input data. On the other hand, DOCX uses flow formatting and depending on whether frames are used, in the final document the remaining objects may get re-arranged to compensate for the dropped ones.


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