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CodecsLoadImageEventArgs Class Members


The following tables list the members exposed by CodecsLoadImageEventArgs.

Public Properties

Name Description
Buffer Gets the memory buffer containing one or more lines of output image data.
Cancel Gets or sets a value which allows the user to abort the load process.
FileName Gets the name of the file currently being loaded.
FirstPage Gets the index of the first page being loaded.
Flags Gets a value which describes whether this is the first or last call of the event, and whether the buffer contains first or last row of image data.
Image Gets the RasterImage object into which the image data is being loaded.
ImagePage Gets the index of the RasterImage.Page into which the image data is being loaded.
Info Gets a CodecsImageInfo object that contains information about the image file being loaded.
LastPage Gets the index of the last page being loaded.
Lines Gets the number of lines in Buffer.
Offset Gets the offset in bytes from the beginning of the file at which the image data begins.
OffsetCount Gets the number of bytes that make up the actual image data being loaded.
OffsetValid Determines whether the Offset property is valid.
Page Gets the index of the page currently being loaded.
PagePercent Gets the load completion percentage of the current page.
Row Gets the current image row number of the first line in Buffer.
Stream Gets the Stream associated with the file load process.
Tile Gets the rectangular area of the image being loaded.
TileValid Determines whether the Tile property is valid.
TotalPercent Gets the overall completion percentage for the load operation.
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