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The LEADTOOLS HTML5 and JavaScript SDK is a powerful collection of JavaScript libraries and Web Services that enable web developers to create zero footprint, cross-platform applications with image annotation and markup support. Developers can target desktop PCs and mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android and more, with a single application featuring robust image display and processing, support for mouse and multi-touch gestures.

The Leadtools.Annotations.Core library contains core classes for LEADTOOLS annotation support, including annotation objects, interfaces for annotation renderers, and helper classes.


  • Image annotations can be added to bitonal, color and grayscale images
  • Specialized annotations for document images
  • Specialized annotations for medical images
  • Draw image annotations to a presentation layer or permanently burned onto the bitmap
  • Broad range of image annotation objects including text, geometric shapes, rulers, stamps and more
  • Protect sensitive information with redaction objects
  • Control access and design rights with annotation security
  • Customize existing or create new image annotation object types
  • Image annotation features can be fully automated or manually implemented for maximum control
  • Flexible annotation object storage options including separate annotation files, database, memory, and more
  • Supports single and multi-page image files
  • Unlimited undo and redo levels
  • Resolution independent annotations that will scale with an image — PDF in particular — when loaded at a different DPI
  • New HTML5 annotation format contains full backwards compatibility with other LEADTOOLS annotation interfaces

Supported Environments:

The LEADTOOLS HTML5 / JavaScript toolkit can be used to develop applications for any web browser that supports HTML5. For more information refer to HTML5 Support.


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