saveAll Method


Saves an array of annotation containers to xml data.


JavaScript Syntax
AnnCodecs.prototype.saveAll = function(containers, format) 
TypeScript Syntax
saveAll(containers: AnnContainer[], format: AnnFormat): string; 



An array of AnnContainer's to be saved. This value must not be null.


Must be AnnFormat.Annotations.

Return Value

The xml string of the annotations that were saved.


The SerializeOptions property can contain optional options and events that can be used when saving annotation data.

This method uses the values of AnnContainer.PageNumber during its operation. The page numbers will be saved along with each container.

The AnnContainer.PageNumber value of each container will be used to indicate the output page number. If more than one container has the same value for PageNumber, then only the last container is used. Any AnnContainer object that is null in the array will be ignored.

For more information, refer to Annotation Files.


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