save Method


Saves an annotation container to xml data.


JavaScript Syntax = function(container, format, xmlData, savePageNumber) 
TypeScript Syntax
save(container: AnnContainer, format: AnnFormat, xmlData: string, savePageNumber: number): string; 



The AnnContainer to be saved. Must not be null.


Must be AnnFormat.Annotations.


Optional existing data. Can be null to create new annotations data; otherwise, must contain valid

data previously saved with this method.


Page number on which to place the data.

Return Value

The xml string of the annotations that were saved.


If xmlData is not null, then it must contain valid LEADTOOLS Annotations data previously saved with Save and this method will insert or replace the page specified in savePageNumber and returns the updated data.

If xmlData is null, then this method creates the new LEADTOOLS Annotations data and returns it.

If the value of savePageNumber is 0, the page number to use when saving is obtained from the PageNumber property of container; otherwise, the page number to use when saving is savePageNumber.

LEADTOOLS supports saving multiple containers in the same file, each with a unique page number. Use Load with a page number to load the desired page.

The SerializeOptions property can contain optional options and events to use during saving of annotations data.

For more information, refer to Annotation Files.


For an example, refer to AnnCodecs


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