AnnCrossProductObject Class Methods


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Public Methods

Name Description
= The hit test value of the first ruler.
= The hit test value of the second ruler.
clone Creates an exact copy of this AnnCrossProductObject object.
create Creates a new instance of AnnCrossProductObject.
getInvalidateRect Gets a LeadRectD object that specifies the current physical rectangle of this AnnCrossProductObject.
getRulerLength Gets the calibrated length of this AnnCrossProductObject.
hitTest Performs hit-testing on this AnnCrossProductObject.
moveLine Moves the specified line of the AnnCrossProductObject.
updateIntersectionPoint Recalculates the IntersectionPoint for the AnnCrossProductObject.
updatePoint Updates the specified point of the cross-product object.
updateSecondPoints Updates the second point of the cross-product object.
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