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Several LEADTOOLS SDKs offer imaging and document functionality in the form of ASP.NET Web API services that are designed to be easily accessed by any application for a platform-independent solution.

The Web API Services provide a simple JSON interface for HTML5 / JavaScript applications. Developers using high-level environments such as .NET, Silverlight, Java and more can also utilize LEADTOOLS SOAP Web Services.

The following table lists the LEADTOOLS Web API and SOAP Services that are provided with source code:

Service Comments Demo Project Source Code

Exposes methods for getting image information and loading raster images.

This service supports load an image of any format and convert it to one of the following:

  • "image/jpeg" for JPEG
  • "image/png" for PNG
  • "image/gif" for GIF
  • "image/tiff" for TIF
  • "image/x-lead-cmp" for LEAD CMP
  • "image/bmp" for BMP
  • "application/pdf" for PDF
  • "image/x-jpeg-2000" for JPEG 2000
  • "image/x-lead-cmw" for LEAD CMW
  • "image/x-jpeg-xr" for JPEG XR (JXR)
  • "image/x-xps" for Microsoft XPS
Examples\JS\Demos\WebApp\Controllers\RasterController.cs (Part of Examples\JS\Demos ASP.NET solution)

Exposes methods for reading barcodes in raster images and obtaining the resulting data.

\Examples\JS\Demos\WebApp\Controllers\BarcodeController.cs (Part of Examples\JS\Demos ASP.NET solution)

Exposes methods for performing OCR on raster images and obtaining the resulting text.

\Examples\JS\Demos\WebApp\Controllers\OcrController.cs (Part of Examples\JS\Demos ASP.NET solution)

Exposes methods for working with data buffers.

For example, the Annotations Demo uses this service to help support load / save of annotation data.

\Examples\JS\Demos\WebApp\Controllers\DataController.cs (Part of Examples\JS\Demos ASP.NET solution)

Exposes methods for performing operations using the Documents toolkit.

Operations include: Load/upload a document and use it with the DocumentViewer

AuditLogService Exposes methods for creating DICOM audit logs. \Examples\PACSFramework\MedicalWebViewer\Leadtools.Medical.WebViewer.WCF
AuthenticationService Exposes methods for authenticating users and managing users, rights, permissions and roles \Examples\PACSFramework\MedicalWebViewer\Leadtools.Medical.WebViewer.WCF
ExportService Exposes methods for exporting DICOM datasets. \Examples\PACSFramework\MedicalWebViewer\Leadtools.Medical.WebViewer.WCF
MonitorCalibrationService Exposes methods for storing and retrieving monitor calibrations. \Examples\PACSFramework\MedicalWebViewer\Leadtools.Medical.WebViewer.WCF
ObjectQueryService Exposes methods for performing a DICOM query against a Hosted Web Server. \Examples\PACSFramework\MedicalWebViewer\Leadtools.Medical.WebViewer.WCF
ObjectRetrieveService Exposes methods for retrieving images, image information, and DICOM metadata from a host Web Server. \Examples\PACSFramework\MedicalWebViewer\Leadtools.Medical.WebViewer.WCF
OptionsService Exposes methods for getting and setting webviewer options. \Examples\PACSFramework\MedicalWebViewer\Leadtools.Medical.WebViewer.WCF
PacsQueryService Exposes methods for performing a DICOM query against a remote DICOM server. \Examples\PACSFramework\MedicalWebViewer\Leadtools.Medical.WebViewer.WCF
PACSRetrieveService Exposes methods for performing DICOM C-MOVE operations and managing a download queue. \Examples\PACSFramework\MedicalWebViewer\Leadtools.Medical.WebViewer.WCF
PatientAccessRightsService Exposes methods for managing access to patient information based on the user's credentials. \Examples\PACSFramework\MedicalWebViewer\Leadtools.Medical.WebViewer.WCF
LEADTOOLS Services Host Manager Utility to configure IIS to host the LEADTOOLS Medical Services. \Examples\Services\LeadtoolsServicesHostManager
WADO Exposes methods for performing WADO/DicomNet operations using the Medical toolkit. Operations include: Query/Retrieve a DICOM instance and use it with the WADO Client. \Examples\JS\Medical\Wado

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